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Working at home for anyone there are always options, but for work at home moms there are even greater choices and options, but with writing and freelance writing, it can be done from home with a set schedule that will reflect your time and commitment to your writing jobs that you may get offered. Working at home is always popular as people are always looking for ways to earn money by being at home, in particular on the computer.

If you like to write and you do write often, then you could be ahead of the others who only dream of writing and don't get much written down or even typed up, for me writing is split between traditional free writing and typing on the computer, although I am a work at home dad I do divide my time to compensate for either ways of writing so that I get alot done in a short time frame.

If you can write in many different styles that makes it appear like you support many views, you could find lots of work opportunities as a writer, for example, if you can write reviews, opinionated articles and accurate news and extracts from news networks or scientific studies then you have more of chance of widening your writing scope in the freelance writing world, add to that a firm grasp of the English language with correct grammar and punctuation, then you could find many writing opportunities.

Of course like anything in life, there are some quite dubious writing opportunities that are obviously a scam or really low paid to be not worth your time, but if you have a good broadband Internet connection then a bit of Internet research goes along way to find some writing job offers and opportunities, so to start a career in freelance writing may be difficult, but not impossible.

Most writers do have grand ideas of writing a novel or two and living off the fame and fortune of this alone, but realistically, having your writing hand involved in many other different opportunities could do more for your writing career than trying to hit the big time straight away. If you are a work at home mom, then I would recommend you go into areas that you know alot about or had experience in writing about, this type of writing comes across more better and much more real than anything, but sometimes you can't be that lucky to find your ideal subjects to write about to get paid, so go for what you know you can write about.

I myself am only a writer of what I know about or what I've researched enough to actually write about and by no means am I a freelance writer as I'm more of an affiliate marketer and revenue sharing writer, but you yourself will have to decide on what your writing strengths are and what you are capable of producing.

Being a freelance writer, based on discussions I've had with other freelancers, does mean that you have to be disciplined and actually make the time to write, as there will be no one who will give you a deadline but yourself, so make sure you plan your writing days ahead o that you can actually manage any writing jobs that come up.

Some topics require you to write about stuff that you don't know anything about, so use the online resources to do your research into the content topics that are part of each new writers job and doing the required research can be really dull at times, unless you love going through new information to learn something new yourself.

Writing for print is any forms of writing that will appear in actual published media, such as newspapers or physical books and what is generally recommended is that you start with either local papers or smaller print run books to get your name out there slowly as a writer, because that's what most other writers do to get themselves noticed, you might want to check out the writers market reference guide to find lists of publications to get yourself started, but do start local and work towards bigger writing goals from there on in.

Writing for print can be tiresome, especially with long periods before actual payment, so it is best to split your time between more online work if possible, so as to capture quicker payments for your written work and with the online world, there are many things you could write for, including e-books, blogs, static websites, forums, you could transcribe video or podcast content or even start your own website or blog, writing about what you know or are interested in and set up advertising to pay yourself for your time and effort,which does take a long time.

Writing online has many opportunities, but you do really have to look for them and quite often compete with others to make yourself known, ignore the scams were they say we will give you a list of writing sites if you pay us some money, just blank them sites out completely as they are full of turd. Try to go for the websites and blogs, that might be looking for free guest posts and content at first and you might think, why write for free? well some sites might be popular enough to actually make your guest blog post or guest article shine and get you noticed, just remember to approach the site owners with respect and link back to an online site you own so others can find out more about you.

There are many blogging jobs for the work at home mom (WAHM) too so always be on the lookout for new writing opportunities, because they are everywhere if you only look.

Try elance.comfor writing jobs or any other types of work that you think you could do, also try the problogger job board for new blogging jobs posted daily.

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