World Class


Not for Whom You Might Think

I'm a world class artist's


A real scene-stealing

Fake creation

I've toured and been seen across

The nation

I'm a world-class high gas


I'm the high-class free-pass

Latest fashion

I'm the low-ride high-tide

Newest passion

I'm the correct direct

Supreme crashin'

I'm a world-class low crass

Final cashin'

I'm the high-tide slip-slide

Imperial spaceman

I'm the full-ride hang glide

Literal spokesman

I'm the store bought deep thought

Beautiful faceman

I've got hair I've got flair

And I carry a mace man

I can do that through that


I'm the woolen sullen

Old youth nation

I'm the cream dream big scheme


I'm the high-tide low-ride

Store bought deep thought

Old crow low blow

No fear King Lear



copyright (c) 2014 christopher neal all rights reserved


BlossomSB profile image

BlossomSB 2 years ago from Victoria, Australia

Interesting and clever. I love some of those rhymes and the good rhythm, too.

Chris Neal profile image

Chris Neal 2 years ago from Fishers, IN Author

Thank you so much!

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