World Conflicts

The Conflict...Do you think it might be coming...creeping it's way closer...A Nation's War pitted against another in times gripped speculations,

Military Vs. Military...Nations of cultures unexpectandly caught in a battle for one's individuality...A Perfect War Cry nonetheless.

How will it begin one might ask...but no answer is given for sake of simple acts of newscasts and reels of literary appeal,

The stubborn countries of outstanding pride and ego will fire those shots through others...Planes dive for self gratification of lives taken,

What a pain staking moment the world will have...bombs dropping...the tears flowing from sobs of human disaster.

We Run from ourselves...the life we choose to hide through cultural satisfactions...forgetting the fears of wartime manufacturing,

Have we not succeeded in making the perfect computer...will that as well become the end of us...Technological slavery abounding,

Spy Planes that fly and make their targets from high in the air...Breeze blowing past their exploding eggs that fall,

Was it the Chicken or the Egg...God or Jesus...Abraham or Muhammad...whatever the answer...We still fight over you...Religious Freedom,

But this makes our world much more aggressive...astounding in matters of military affairs...let the fear of running go...fight for matters of your truth,

Or not...Your heart is either for war or against...but World Conflict will increase...approximate time unavailable...The great Alpha and Omega World Disaster is here.

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