World's Expensive things

Costliest costliest car
Costliest costliest car

Worlds Costliest car

The most expensive and fastest factory built car in the world is Bugatti Veyron. It costs around $1.5 million and the speed is equivalent to F1 sports car. The W16 alloy engine developed by Bugatti for the Veyron 16.4 will have a special and absolutely unique place in the history of sports car construction.

1001 horsepower equip the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 with a level of acceleration unheard of in the sports car segment, propelling it from 0 to 60 mph in just three seconds and past the 200 mph mark in a mere 14 seconds.

Most Expensive Bottle of Perfume
Most Expensive Bottle of Perfume

World's Costliest Perfume

This is a 500 ml bottle of the Imperial Majesty version of a fragrance called No. 1. The price of these 500 ml is $215,000 the bottle itself is Baccarat crystal, with an 18 carat gold ring around the rim, with a 5-carat diamond inset in it. This is a very unique perfume seeing as only 10 bottles of it have been made and they are delivered to their extravagant purchasers in a signature Bentley automobile. Cheaper versions of this perfume are available in smaller amounts, with less exotic ingredients, and in lesser concentrated versions.

Costliest Whisky
Costliest Whisky

World's Costliest Whisky

The world's most expensive whisky is a 1926 bottle from the Macallan Fine and Rare Collection which cost around $38,000 .These are the rarest brands of whisky and because of their age they inevitabley taste amazing.

Catching on to the fact that collecting and consuming very old whiskies is one of the most popular trends of recent years,these whiskies were sold long back from teh store.  

Costliest Christmas tree
Costliest Christmas tree

World's Costliest Christmas tree

A million-dollar Soo Kee Jewellery in Singapore displayed, Ginza Tanaka’s 24k gold Christmas tree  which costs about cost $1.6 million. The golden tree is adorned with 240 jewels—diamonds and strings of pearls included—and weighs in at 46 pounds total .

World's Costliest Egg
World's Costliest Egg

World's Costliest Egg

Faberge eggs are the world's most expensive eggs.  The History behind this is : In the 1880's Peter Carl Faberge was commissioned by the Russian Czar Alexander to create an Easter gift for this wife, the Empress Marie.Alexander's wife was so impressed that he commissioned a new egg every Easter until his death at which time his son Nicholas II continued the tradition.Peter Carl Fabergé created a total of 57 eggs which are worth millions each.  In 2002 the Winter Egg sold for about $9,579,500.00 USD. The Winter Egg is made of Siberian rock crystal, more than 4,500 diamonds, and a platinum Easter basket with flowers in gold, garnets, and crystals.


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ali 7 years ago

is there any other costliest whiskey in the world. rather than

Macallan Fine .

labulolabulo 7 years ago

hey My Dad has the buggati vayron but he crashed it while he was talking and went into the river

soemthing liek that it ws in the bbc news:(

raja 6 years ago

i like to have all this things

FATIMA 6 years ago


John 6 years ago

No joke i have all of the above!

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