Wrestling With Yesterdays


Wrestling With Yesterdays.


Cherished agony
waits in my
cobwebbed soul,
whenever I stumble
across an old photo of us,
or the ring you wore,
or just a sudden glimpse
of you with him

Then it stirs,
gripping my
murmuring heart
in a fist of despair.
It's a pain I've
grown to love,
replacing the love
you abandoned.

This agony
cherished because
at least I knew
the whisper of
your lips across mine,
the warm gateway
of your arms,
and the paths we took
to a flesh paradise.

I cling to it
amidst my loneliness,
it holds a softer side
that dulls the bitterness,
till the razor edge
of your last words to me
bids me return
to the shelter of apathy,
where the bliss of whatever
grants a temporary peace.

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Kaie Arwen profile image

Kaie Arwen 7 years ago

memories are nice, but tomorrows are better. You said yourself there's no going back. I envy that you had something you'd go back to, something worth remembering. I don't have the yesterdays or the past, but I've had lots of todays, and God willing many tomorrows.

I wish you more than a "temporary peace." Peace from within is the best, that I do know.

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