How to Write Great Titles for Your Internet Articles

Writing a great title for your internet article can be difficult.

Getting the title right makes a great difference between your article being read or being overlooked.
Getting the title right makes a great difference between your article being read or being overlooked. | Source
Sometimes a little wisdom from a more experienced writer helps.
Sometimes a little wisdom from a more experienced writer helps.

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How much weight it put on SEO in a title?

The web is filled with articles with expert advice on how to build the perfect title. Naming the content posted to any website is an important first step for any writer. The intent is to grab the audience needed. Those focused few readers drawn to the title find they are fixed to read the words published under those choice few words.

It seems as if every other article contradicts the one before it. Make a title short and precise. Make it long enough to explain what information is being expressed to the reader. Don’t use questions as part of a title. It’s okay to ask a question. Make it short and sassy. Which of these statements are correct? All of them are actually correct. You look at an article or piece of content with hundreds or thousands of reads and wonder if it’s the title or the actual content driving the traffic. It was both.

What a writer hopes to gain

A great title for an internet article is one able to hold the attention of your target audience. It manages to compel them to read your material in addition to promoting that same content. It has the ability to have a positive headway with the internet bots scouring the web to rank articles via search engines. Writers want the hard work they put forth to rank high in search engines, but also with the ability to make a reader choose it first to read.

Title Tuners

Several different programs exist and are advertised as little helpers for writers struggling with the process of creating article titles. These are set up in the form of various software sold around the web. Countless individuals see these as an impediment versus real support in the innovative process for a variety of reasons.

The software is commonly identified as a title tuner or promoter. They are designed to inform writers what words in a title work best for a positive experience with internet bots. Bots are branded as putting lots of importance on things such as keywords and SEO. The idea is to use the right words in order to rank highest amongst similar articles. The typical formula admits a higher ranking gains more readers. Scores of title tuners fall short of the mark.

Most tuner products have formulas clever enough to utilize keywords or a form of SEO to design suggestions for users. The issue is they have little or no regard for quality or human interaction. The result is a title working well for search engine bots, but holding little or no attraction for the human element or actual reader.

The software has ideas capable of turning on the positive ingredient in search bots. However, many times the same words turn off any value for a human (reader) looking for an article. Finding a medium that works for both is the goal. Excluding either one of these groups means the title and even an article is usually destined for failure. A great title is searchable and able to get the attention of readers at the same time.

There are some elements necessary in any great title to meet the requirements of the search engines as well as readers;

· Instructive

Readers want to know what to expect. Never use misinformation, ever. Always let the reader know what to expect so they realize they are in the right spot on the web for what they are searching for.

· Keyword and SEO

Use words close to a keyword query. Some writers want to make their title sassy and smart. This is all well and good, but it typically misses out on a query because they failed to use keywords or SEO for the bots.

Keywords are entered for a search query. For example, an article title Exceptional Toenail Polish sounds great. However, an individual searching through web won’t use these types of keywords. More than likely will use Painting Your Toe Nails. Therefore, a better title is Painting Your Toe Nails using Exceptional Colors. With this one you hit the search engine bots, the human element and a little sass is also added.

Choose the write title for both search engines and human readers.
Choose the write title for both search engines and human readers.

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Get the content ahead of the competition in the same niche.

· Accuracy

Being accurate helps the bots and the readers. If you imply nails, but fail to specify toenails or roofing nails, there tends to be a problem. Make certain you specify. Don’t simply say nails, denote toenails. The more precise you are the better the search results will be at getting to the right audience interested in the content.

· Appealing

Appeal and engage readers with the right words. When developing the right combination of words there are some small things to help it stand apart from similar material. A direct action is always nice for engagement.

Endings such as ING work well for some, but not so well for others. For instance- Letting Your Hair Grow Out in 7 Easy Steps doesn’t sound a great deal better than Let Your Hair Grow Out in 7 Easy Steps. While something like Get Car Running in less than a Day sounds different from Getting Car Running in less than a Day. The ING took away from the positive effect. It hurt the title. Work on it and try several variations and twists along with turns to find one both engaging and appealing

· Searchable

Imagine you are a reader searching for information instead of a writer delivering content. What would you use to search for this information? This is a great way to develop a title. What words would you personally put into search criteria? Even if you only develop one or two, include these in a title and watch the results ping.

· Acronyms or business speak will kill a title

Most experts in any given field will use acronyms, shortened phrases that sound like a foreign language or “speakese” which anyone outside of the business doesn’t understand. Writers using these will discover they are a definite title killer.

Remember content is teachable and emphasizes learning. If someone always knows about a subject, they are generally not searching for information about it. Keep it simple. Make it easy to find and understand. Think like a novice and create a combination of words as if you knew nothing or very little about a subject.

Don’t write a title HIPAA Law a better title is Health Insurance Portability Act Law .

· Appealing

Writing quality and interesting information is what makes a reader want to read more. Informative is fantastic, but anyone is capable of delivering information. Make your technique more than interesting. Add examples where needed. Insider information is always something readers enjoy. For instance, provide them with little known facts or something they don’t know or cannot get from other articles in the same niche.

· Make a title a complete thought

Some titles miss on being notable because they are not a complete thought. It should not be cut short because you think it contains too many words. Do you feel as if your thought is incomplete? Instead of cutting it short, construct a different way of saying the same thing with a comprehensive thought in a smaller format.

In conclusion

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Some writers begin writing their article with the title created first. Other writers advise the best ones actually happen from the standpoint of finishing the material. They admit the hindsight is where they received their originality.

Getting great titles for internet articles is definitely not easy. Put these techniques together and make your titles look fantastic, sound excellent and read well for both the search engine bots and readers. The more you write the better you will become at getting it write and driving more traffic to your quality content.

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Comments 9 comments

Sueswan 5 years ago

Very useful information.

Springboard profile image

Springboard 5 years ago from Wisconsin

Being provocative, I have found, is always a catch. There was an article I wrote once a while back, which still ranks pretty high on my views counts, that was about Senator Kerry and his avoidance of paying certain taxes HE was in favor of in his state for a boat he kept elsewhere. "Show me yours and I'll show you mine," was the basic title, and I snuck in a pic of a cutie as well. The title WAS a bit of trickery in that it WASN'T about what most people thought it may have been about. But it still was relevant in that it implied if you show me you are willing to pay your taxes, then I will be willing to pay mine as well. You show me your tax monies and I'll show you mine.

That all said, very useful information here, and so thanks for sharing it.

smcopywrite profile image

smcopywrite 5 years ago from all over the web Author

thank you springboard for your comment. will have to check out your article.

docbruin profile image

docbruin 5 years ago from USA

Very good hub about something that we all need to keep in mind when we are writing. I often change my title a few times before I feel comfortable with it. I am just starting out writing and I sometimes find it hard to get the title that is "just right". Your hub was very helpful, thanks!

Millionaire Tips profile image

Millionaire Tips 5 years ago from USA

This is useful information - I am trying to write good titles.

smcopywrite profile image

smcopywrite 5 years ago from all over the web Author

millionaire tips

one way you can tell if you are doing a good job of writing your hub titles is using the title tuner.

use the title tuner and if you dont have any titles that show up or if the tuned title isn't that much different from the original, you have done a wonderful job with your titles.

Millionaire Tips profile image

Millionaire Tips 5 years ago from USA

Thank you. I do use the title tuner, and it has suggested a minor change in two of the articles, and I made them.

rumanasaiyed profile image

rumanasaiyed 3 years ago from Sharjah, UAE

Thanks for the great tips!

tlpoague profile image

tlpoague 3 years ago from USA

What great and helpful tips here. I have no problem coming up with something to write about but struggle with a catchy title. This helped a lot. Thanks!

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