Write of passages.

In the stillness of the night,
and in the wee hours
of the mourn,
when sleep is a

d~~~  a ~~~ r ~~~ t ~~~i ~~~~ n~~~ g

we cannot catch,
thoughts intrude.

Niggling urges overwhelm,
and so we write,
in sleep dusted scribbles
on blank steno pads,
or with gravel voiced
utterings on a
real to reel cassette.

Expressing dreams
not realized in
the depths of
rapid eye movements,
over serta clouds,
or during the sonambulance
of ones daily trudges,
to and fro across
their dreary worlds.

This then is a
w-rite of passage
poets endure.

Also in the silent
pauses between kisses
one feels the composition
of four silky horizontal lines
blended in perfect harmony
many times over
melded in passions that
leave breathless
those who tongue
it's eternal praises.

In the blissful afterglow,
of any two earthly bodies,
colliding together,
and then hanging


in that silky, milky way,
at the conclusion of
thier heavenly orbit over,
under, and around each curve,.

One can always find words,
that spasm in erractic
squiggles on perfumed sheets,
to express loves consumption
most delightful.

These too are

writes of passage
poets crave.

But when our muse is recluse,
leaving our words confused
then our art feels abused
we are seldom amused,
for we live to defuse
daily suffering, and blues,
passionate views
when life hands us the clues,
in its bright colored hues.

But we're not always used
when inspiration's refused,
still we won't be excused
we use blank books as pews,
praying daily for news.

That the mental blocks placed
in our most sacred space,
have been toppled from gracing
our dreams and defacing
the cathedral of our soul,
where we once had control.

This is truly the hardest
of any writes of passage,
a poets journey encounters,
but each must trod on
through a valley of patience
near a lake of tears shed.

Taking marginal steps
keeping false hopes deleted
many times spent backspacing
erasing the lost trails
and trials that beset them
on discouragement's way.


~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III

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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

This is a great w-rite of passage!

always exploring profile image

always exploring 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

You made the butterfly dart, now how great is that?

you,re a great poet, and you,ll go down in history

why you don,t have a higher hub score is a complete


God Bless

Randy Behavior profile image

Randy Behavior 6 years ago from Near the Ocean

I didn't know niggling! Thank you for the introduction. I like her very much.

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