I'm Going To The Zoo! How About You? Poetry

At The Zoo

I asked Jax "What's that?" He answered "Monkey Butt!"
I asked Jax "What's that?" He answered "Monkey Butt!" | Source
Jax said "Nice Kitty!"
Jax said "Nice Kitty!" | Source
"Pretty penguins!"
"Pretty penguins!" | Source
"It's a goat!"
"It's a goat!" | Source
"Monkey? Want some popcorn?"
"Monkey? Want some popcorn?" | Source

Writer's Block

Okay - this is only day 7 and I am already running out of ideas!!! But I am going to keep on trying....I will make it to 30!

Here is today's effort for National Poetry Month 2012

I need to write a poem

It’s nearly twelve o’clock

In my head there are no ideas

I am suffering from writer’s block

I am trying to finish a challenge

To write thirty poems in thirty days

But after a trip to the zoo today

My mind is in a haze

From alligators to zebras

I chased an energetic two year old

Then back again across the park

To see where ice cream was sold

When I drove home he got to sleep

But I had many chores to do

Now I am so tired my eyes hurt

So of writing ideas I have no clue

I will just let my fingers type

Whatever words they may

When the stop typing

I will have my poem for today!

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Dahlia Flower profile image

Dahlia Flower 4 years ago from Canada

I enjoyed the descriptive poem about your adventurous day. Voting up and interesting.

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