Writers Block: A Writer's Companion

Aligning my fingers on the keyboard, I stare at the blank screen. Immediately, the devilish imp appears on my shoulder, whispering words of self doubt and loathing.


Cloaked in darkness, wearing a menacing grin and a fresh pair of white Etnies, he regales me with his latest insults and criticisms. His voice reverberates in my head. My fingers hesitate on the keys. My old friend Writer’s Block rears his ugly head.

Swatting him away like a pestering fly, I begin. The story flows from my imagination through my spine into my fingers, down through the keys and onto the screen.


A smile forms on my lips, success is near. I have started.


The imp reappears, bouncing around from shoulder to shoulder like a two year old. Trying to satisfy him is like climbing Mt.Everest blind folded with no oxygen.


Each sentence is a struggle as my anti-muse hums his judgments like a well versed ditty.


Resigned to the fact that he will be my constant companion until my work is done, I channel my frustrations into pure positive force, fueling my way through the first draft.


I am a stubborn mule and his insults give me momentum.


Pride settles in my bones as I watch my characters come to life on the page. I am like their heavenly, though sometimes, tyrannical mother. I cheer for them when they succeed and bleed for them when they fail. I hope for them as they struggle. And this hope carries me to the end.


Satisfaction is momentary as my overgrown malevolent imp parades his antipathy for my work. Snatching him by his shoelaces, I heed the words of my hero and toss him into a zip lock baggy, placing him next to the creamsicles in my freezer.


Until next time my nasty little fiend.

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Enigmatic Me profile image

Enigmatic Me 7 years ago from East Coast Canada

Nice imagery!!

I'll keep this one close by when it occurs to me.

M.R. Jie profile image

M.R. Jie 7 years ago from USA Author

Thanks Enigmatic Me! This was fun to write :)

Enigmatic Me profile image

Enigmatic Me 7 years ago from East Coast Canada

the images of this ting hopping around your shoulders mocking yhou at every turn... man that's so much the 'you can't make it" voice in my head at times.

Putting a life to it makes it a little bit easier to dismiss!

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

I think that this is the first time I've heard of writer's block being personified. Very clever! Thanks!

M.R. Jie profile image

M.R. Jie 7 years ago from USA Author

I appreciate all your feedback! It's great defense against Writer's Block :)

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