Writing Online - A Truly Challenging Job

I am back for good!

After being away for nearly 6 months, I am finally back! Gosh I missing writing. Due to my hectic schedule, I was not able to write or even spend enough time to think what I want to write. It has been a long and tough year (2010) for me and I finally got my breakthrough.

I found a new job as my previous job was hell for most. I was just barely surviving there. Now at the new work place, I am glad that I found a little spare time for myself. Why I choose to be back to writing? Simple! It is because I thought of investing in something for my financial stability in the future.

I thought to myself what is the best investment I can ever make. Due to some financial crisis I experienced in year 2010, I believe I have become a smarter person now. I was thinking from working harder etc. Finally, I struck something as if I have won a lottery. Check out the dialog below (and for some laughter!)

Brain: What are you good at?

Me: Well I am not sure.

Brain: What do you think is your given talent by the almighty God?

Me: Hmm...it is tough! I love to......sleep, eat, drink...

Brain: *frustrated* Can you be more serious?

Me: Alright. I guess I love writing. Been writing for sometime in the past and I am enjoying it!

Brain: There you go. Long term investment!

Me: What???!!!

A new beginning...

The first step is always the hardest. Trust me on this. I revisited all my older sites and trust me, I even read back my own hubs just to get a hang on current state now. One thing for sure is I really got a lot of thing to do and to improve on my current hubs. I deleted all my old blogs as I no longer used them, and decided to create a new blog.

Then I realized that I would need a name. A great name which one day...I can have my own domain with it. I got the answer within 10 minutes. Before that, I even use those website name generators to try to find the best website name.

The name that I found was.....*drum roll please*.....The Big Fat Reality. Well, most of my friends even asked me why such name? Simple I would say. I am now living in a big city and my life is so hectic (slightly less than the previous one) as if living in a sardine tin! Honestly, many people was against this idea of mine but I love it. Don't ask me why but I love the name!

Starting is never easy

I know that starting back from scratch is not easy. I really believe I am not going to back down on this. I even have plans to have my own books in the future. Since I am working full time, I am trying to devote a simple blog at least one per day. During busy periods, not a problem as I will make it one blog or hub every two days once.

I really hope I can continue to contribute to the world and at the same time, I hope I will get all the support from my followers, family members, friends and everyone I know on this.

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