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Ever wonder what topic or theme you should write about? If you do not have any ideas on what to write, don’t bother thinking. Do not force yourself in trying to come up with a thing to write. All you have to do is to have an active mind that can gather ideas from the universe around you. There are so many things that you can write about and ideas might come out from anywhere. These ideas can be used either for your article, novel, or story. In this article or hub, I will be providing some resources where you can get some ideas for your writing. Read more to find out.

TV series

While sitting on your couch watching your favorite TV shows, you can get ideas from the characters that you watch on your favorite TV series. These characters can be used in your story or novel. As a writer, you should describe the appearance and characteristics of these characters and how they behave. Be imaginative enough to come up with particular roles of these characters in your story. Aside from that, you can use their dialogues in your story or novel. You can also use the TV series as one of your plots in your story or novel. People might say that you don’t have originality which is the reason why you should just use the TV series as your basis or guide for your story. It will still be up to you on how you can add a personal touch on your work to make it original.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source
Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source

Radio talk shows

On radio talk shows, people often talk a lot about a person’s true life story. Learning from people’s experience can help a lot if you are a writer. You can also use these life stories in your writing as a template or plot of your story. Again the trick here is placing your personal touch in improving the life of the person. You are not merely copying the life of the person but you are getting ideas for you to come up with something to write. You can even use these life stories as factual information if you are promoting something in your article. Use people’s experience in radio talk shows as a learning lesson for your article by providing advice through the use of your article.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source

Ideas through relaxation

Ever thinking about relaxing in a park or on the beach? This is a good get away experience for a writer by rewarding yourself after the long hard work in finishing a project. However, relaxing and rewarding yourself does not mean that you are wasting your time not working on your project. While relaxing, try to gather some thoughts or ideas on how you can improve your writing. While relaxing, our minds are diverted in coming up with ideas that we can come up with rather than focusing on the work that we would be doing. In a relaxed state of mind, we get more active ideas from our surroundings. It also improves our creativity because our mind is more refreshed and is ready to do some tasks in writing; so after relaxing, time to head back to work and compile all the ideas that you have come up with to work on your writing project.


If you are having difficulties coming up with ideas that you can work on in improving your work or your writing project, let the universe provide you with ideas. Ideas can come from anywhere, either through watching television, listening to radio talk shows, or even out relaxing. You will always come up with ideas that you can use to improve your writing. Just do not forget to bring and paper ready with you so that once ideas come up, you will be ready to jot it down and use it on your work. Ideas are the sources of a writer’s work, we only come up with the techniques to apply and we add in our personal touch to improve it further.

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