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One of the very useful information where a writer can get ideas and can also help them in improve their writing is through audio books. The reason why audio books are good sources of information is because it is the other form of content aside from written ones. As a writer, you can learn a lot from your favorite authors by listening through their audio books. You can listen through their audio books while you are driving since most of driving time while traveling eats most of a writer’s time. Therefore, maximize your time by listening to audio books while you are driving or traveling. If there was a hard copy of the audio book, try to read it first before listening to the audio book because you might miss some information through the hard copy but it will be emphasized on the audio book. In this article or hub, I will be including some factors on what you need to notice or take note while listening to your favorite author’s audio book.


As a writer who listens to his or her inspirational author of your favorite book, notice how your favorite author use some phrases upon building their sentences and paragraphs. By listening to the audio book of the story that you have read, you will see how or what is the writing style of the author of that book. Adapting to the style of the author can help you especially if you are working on a specific theme of a story or novel. Imitating how they do work when it comes to writing can help you and gain you some useful tips on when and how to apply the correct phrases to let your readers understand the story or novel. Punctuation and stressing of your favorite author can be learned as well by listening through their audio books rather than reading it. Use these stressing and punctuation in appropriate times whenever coming up with a story or a novel.

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If you would ask yourself how the story or novel was planned and made by your favorite author, you will not be able to answer yourself not unless you will be listening to the audio book of your favorite author. Analyzing how the sequences of events of the story or novel will help you gain ideas on how you can come up with your own story or novel. Listen carefully on the audio book of your author for the book that you have read and try to notice how he or she planned every sequence and how the story or novel was structured. Most of the time; novels can either be a story telling novel where the author provides descriptions or happenings in the story. It can also be a diary type of model where in the author himself or herself is part of the story and is portraying the main character telling his or her own story.

Character development

By listening to the audio book of your favorite author, you can also notice how he or she describes the characters in the story or novel. Mostly they are using words that describe the characters. How these characters were formed was through their imagination which is why they are using certain words to describe the characters in order for the reader to imagine what the character looks like. Listen on how they describe the characters in their story or novel because once you have successfully imagined the character, you might attribute it with certain celebrities or Hollywood stars where they get the image of their characters from and they only added their personal tough with the characteristics of these characters.

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Word choice

Listen carefully to the audio book of your favorite author and try to notice what words they regularly use. Try to adapt on the word usage of your favorite author because certain word choice varies depending on the reader. It would be unwise to use words that are not known by little children which can be understood by older ones. Therefore, use appropriate words depending on your target audience. This is the same mindset that your favorite author does whenever creating a novel or story. They consider the age of their readers before using words in their story or novel in order for their readers to understand how the story goes or how the story was structured.

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Seminars, webinars, or workshops

Your favorite authors have their own writer’s guild. Try to research on their group and it would be nice if you can join the groups where they belong to. There is a reason why I recommend joining your favorite authors’ writing group; that way you can attend seminars, webinars, or workshops conducted by none other but your favorite writer. During these seminars or webinars, there will always be an audio book created and distributed to other members or participants of the event. Listen to these audio book webinar sessions while you are traveling or driving for you to better understand the explanation of your favorite author that he or she has explained during the event. By going through over the audio book of the seminar or webinar, you will get a lot of input or ideas that can improve your skills in writing.


Audio books are a very convenient way on how you can get information. Aside from that, information based products such as audio books can also be a topic that you can write about. Listening to audio books is really great especially if your preoccupied by another thing that you need to do which requires your body to work; allowing you to work on your task while learning from your favorite author at the same time. If you like, you can also listen to unknown authors of certain books that produce audio copies of their work. As long as you can learn from these authors that you don’t know, information is still important and best of all, the ideas that they can provide to help you in improving your skills in writing.

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