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Often times, we are overwhelmed in the amount of work that we need to finish. As a writer, this cannot be avoided since writing is not an easy thing to do. You need to come up with ideas and reasons why you should write. It takes a lot of perseverance, creativity, and a lot of experience. There are other skills involved as well. The more we write, the more we get better in our work. Write as many as you can until you drop. Not knowingly, the more you write, the more ideas that pops out from your mind that you cannot ignore. These ideas should be applied to empty your mind or it will haunt you in your sleep. An idea that is not executed in your written work will always remind you and you cannot sleep because of this. What I’ am trying to point out here is to overcome the idea of having to write so many things and this can be done through procrastination. In this hub or article, I will be providing some tips on how to use procrastination to your advantage to make sure you write and write until you drop.

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Plan for a reward

It was mentioned in previous articles or hubs that a writer needs to indulge him or herself every time you accomplish something in your written project. As a writer, we reward ourselves once our work is done. Therefore, for you to write and write until you drop, plan a reward for yourself. A good example for a reward is a vacation or a thirty minute break after writing or finishing your goal. This encourages you to write something to achieve your plan. Once you have successfully done what you have agreed on with yourself, take advantage every minute of what you have planned for. A good vacation on a relaxing beach is a good plan after finishing a huge project. A tasty black forest cake with a thirty minute break after finishing your article is also recommended. Anything that you want that you wish to enjoy can be used as your driving force or motive to finish your work and write something.

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Depriving yourself of what you like

In the event that you know what you want, you can do the opposite to force yourself to write something. Deprive yourself of what you want and you can only have it once you have written something or once you have finished your work. This involves a lot of self-discipline and you must possess this. Adhere to what you have agreed on and try to do it with utmost respect with yourself. Perseverance is the key here, take everything and be tough. Everything can be accomplished if you have faith in yourself and having the correct mindset that “you can do this” is a plus. Keep in mind that you have to indulge yourself after the work is done. The intensity of rewarding yourself is so great after a great fight against suffering from your deprivation. As the famous quotation says “victory is so sweet”.

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Do a work that you are trying to avoid

This is where reverse psychology comes into play; doing a work that you are trying to avoid forces you to finish the work. A work that you are trying to avoid cannot be finished not unless you start it. Starting it is the most difficult stage of it but after overcoming it, unknowingly you are close enough to finishing the work that you are trying to avoid. Overtime and in the middle of the work, ideas will come after the other letting you finish the work with a smooth flow of information. This goes hand in hand with the mindset everything can be done through hard work and perseverance. As mentioned, it is only starting it is the most difficult task that you needed to overcome.

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Make a consistent effort

Effort is what makes us work. Consistent effort through a huge bulk of work gives us the great taste of victory. Once you have overcome the huge bulk of work that you need to accomplish, that is the time that we celebrate or reward our self. Effort is really important, because without this, you cannot even think of ideas to come up with. Push yourself to the limit if needed because it will be worth it once you have successfully finished your work.


Procrastination is one of the writer’s drives in finishing their writing project. It can be used as a leverage to make sure we work and finish our work. Anyone can do any amount of work and everything can be accomplished. Write something every day whether you are inspired or not. Keep a mindset not to make excuses not to write. Keep in mind as well that starting your work is the only difficult thing to overcome and in the long run you will always finish what you have started.

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