Making Money As a Writer Online

The Best Freelance Writing Sites

Once you have written your article, fiction or poetry you can publish them online.

You have a few options to choose from here as a freelance writer

You can publish on your own Blog or Website or join a writing site

  • Create your own free blog, I use which belongs to Google.
  • Create your own website, either use a free one if your main aim is to publish and be read rather than to earn money.
  • It is best for SEO to buy a domain name for either your Blog or Website if making money online is a priority.
  • Publish to a writing site which you have joined.

You can get lots of readers all over the world to read and comment on your articles, poetry and fiction.

Writing Online to Earn Money
Writing Online to Earn Money

Hubpages - A Freelance Writing Site

On this site you can publish an article, short story or poem.

With the exception of poetry It has to be at least five hundred words but can be as long as you like.

Once you have opened a free account then you can publish your writing here. It has to be read and accepted by an editor first. If all is well then it is published. if the team return it with a notice that it needs revision have another look at it. Then try again, you will get there eventually. The reason that all articles must be approved is to keep the reputation of this writing site up.

How it Works

You can include links, photos, videos, and all the text you like. The software is easy to use and all free. This article you are reading now is published on HubPages.

I first wrote the text and then uploaded it onto my account. I was able to add photos, links and You Tube Writing Tutorials here too.

It did take a while to complete. But most worthwhile things do.

Now that it is here on HubPages it is earning me money.

Best Freelance Writing Sites
Best Freelance Writing Sites

Ideas for Writing Articles Online

Would you like to make money writing articles, short stories and poetry online?

You could be working from home online on the writing site HubPages.

In this article I show you how to join the writing site and explain how to apply to Google to join their Google Affiliate Program

Join Hubpages free and set up an account with Google Adsense.

Once this is done then you can start to write your articles, poetry and short stories online and earn money from your writing.

Ideas for Articles you Can Write Online

Write about your passion or hobby in short five hundred word articles and get paid from Google Adsense.

  1. If you are good at explaining how things work then write it down in an article and earn money online.
  2. Do you have a particular interest that you know lots about? Computers, dogs, recipes, gardening, household do-it-yourself, celebrities etc, the list is endless.
  3. Join a writing site for free, HubPages for instance and write about what you know. Share your knowledge and earn money online.
  4. The articles do not have to be too long. In fact most people looking for an answer on the internet do not have the time to read a long winded article on how to change a fuse, grow tomatoes or draw a tree etc.
  5. What they would like is a short written explanation or answer and lots of photos and videos that gives them what they are looking for.
  6. These photos can be uploaded from plenty of free photo sites on the internet. I would recommend where possible to take your own photos that would go with the article.
  7. If you are writing about how to grow tomatoes in a container and you can show that you have in fact done this successfully yourself you will keep the reader on your page.
  8. By uploading your own photos the reader will believe you know exactly what you are talking about by seeing the successful outcome for themselves by looking at your photos.

Why not have a go and write an article today.

Making Money Online Selling Amazon products

Once you have applied for and been accepted for an Amazon account you only have to enter your Amazon account affiliate number once on the space provided by HubPages and you are ready to earn money online.

You add the Amazon products you believe your readers may be interested in. You get a commission if the reader buys this product.

If you have written an article, or as HubPages members call it a Hub, about growing tomatoes in a container then you upload appropriate products on your page.

This could be a selection of gardening books. Or a selection of gardening tools, gardening pots or seeds.

Advertise Amazon Products on your Article Page

If someone is reading your article then they would be interested in these targeted adverts too. Amazon does all the paperwork.

They receive payment and ship to the customer; all you have to do is receive all the commissions from the Amazon products that you have sold online.

As with everything on HubPages this is an easy process to complete.

Photos from my Recipes

Irish Coddle
Irish Coddle

Writing Recipes

I read a comment on the HubPages Blog about a recent competition for recipe articles. A male writer was asking for other subjects to write in future competitions.

He said he was only new to the writing site and could not cook so felt like he was losing out.

To him and all male or indeed female writers who can not cook then there is a way to enter too.

Get your partner, wife, husband parents etc who can cook to allow you to take photos of them preparing and cooking a meal etc.

You do not have to take them in the photos, as I know a lot of people are shy.

If you look at all the recipes I have published you will see it is the food that is photographed rather than the person cooking.

Ask them for the recipe facts and then you can go and write that winning recipe article for the competition.

HubPages holds free writing competitions every two months with a variety of subjects.

The one in June just happened to be for recipes.

To enter writing competitions to win cash prizes join HubPages here

How To Join the Google Affiliate Program

If you want to become a Google Affiliate then you have to prove your writing ability first.

Over the years it has become harder but if you want to make money online by writing articles you need to adhere to the rules.

Best Ways to Become a Google Affiliate

  • Set up your own website or Blog.

  • Write at least fifteen good articles using different pages within your website.

  • Then apply to Google. If they refuse then write some more articles and try to improve your site with photos, videos and other user friendly applications.

  • Apply again. If your site is good then you will eventually be accepted.

  • If you are in India or some other Asian Countries then you must wait until your site is at least six months old. There are no exceptions and it does not matter how good your website is.

  • Join one of the freelance writing sites online.

  • Write a minimum of fifteen articles, poems or fiction.

  • Apply to Google

Hubpages Writing Site

Once you have been accepted as a Google Affiliate then you only have to enter your affiliate number once on the space provided by HubPages and you are ready to earn money online.

You make money from the advertisements that are on the page where you have written the article, poem or short story.

The reader just has to click on one of the many advertisements they see on the article page and if they do you earn cash.

You do not have to get the reader to buy anything from these Google ads. Once they click on them then you have done your job and you earn money from Google for getting the readers there.

Freelance Writing Sites

Social interaction with other writers on HubPages

HubPages also provides ways for writers to enjoy social interaction with other writers online

There are help forums for all those little things that you have a problem with while publishing your article

Writing Courses

There are also Educational Forums where more experienced writers give free advice and constructive criticism if asked.

You can read other articles, become friends with other members and leave comments about their writing too.

All Images are copyright of L.M.Reid unless otherwise stated

How to Write an Article Online

How to Write the Best Titles for your Articles

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Boomer60 profile image

Boomer60 6 years ago

Wow! Nice hub on how to make money writing here on Hubpages. These are some really good nuggets for newcomers to take away. Definitely rating this hub up!

Wendy Krick profile image

Wendy Krick 6 years ago from Maryland

This was an awesome read. Very useful article!

Dobson profile image

Dobson 6 years ago from Virginia

There you go viking making another useful hub! What has gotten into you? i hope whatever it is will be infectuous! You did a great job stating our case. I think to put in in court parlance you can "rest the case"!

drbj profile image

drbj 6 years ago from south Florida

Excellent recapitulation of very important information, viking. Thank you for putting it all together.

Jaypyramid profile image

Jaypyramid 6 years ago

Wow Viking you certainly are a mind of information, and you make it look so easy. You have encourage me to start writing, its something I have always though of doing. And this site is wonderful for getting information on, especially your hubs.

sunforged profile image

sunforged 6 years ago from

Top notch and fair explanation of the HubPages opportunities. Great selection of videos too! I didn't realize that so many good quality videos were out there for Hubpages related info.

M. Everest profile image

M. Everest 6 years ago from Northern California

Thanks for the great article. I particularly liked the videos you added-- I hadn't understood before the concept of back-links or social bookmarking. Great stuff!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba

Another great hub, well done, I may just be motivated to join one of these competitions one day..

ARUN 6 years ago

Good one! why don't you look at good oppurtunity for writing at where 100% adsense revenue sharing is given and in addition they pay for editing their article as well.

zoe mathew 5 years ago

Wow! Nice hub. awesome read.

useful fr me

speedbird profile image

speedbird 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

Nice pics, nice videos and a well laid out format. Also useful links to how people are really living well from hubpages. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and I hope that the information will be useful for newcomers to hub pages. I will also be checking out for the hub pages contest to write a hub that will get a lot of traffic.

viking305 profile image

viking305 4 years ago from Ireland Author

This writing competition looks like it could get interesting. Answering questions that writers have asked will give all of us some very useful and informative articles to read and learn from.

Thank you every one for taking the time to leave a comment

daisydayz profile image

daisydayz 4 years ago from Cardiff

Oh yep i heard about the recipe competitions! Gonna spend some time over the next few weeks photographing and working on some of my fav recipes! Its given me a bit of inspiration to get to work on more hubs. Ive been aorking on writing some long ish ones at the moment so looks like I'm not doing anything!! Recipes are a bit quicker at least

Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah Demander 4 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

I can't wait to enter this great contest. Thanks for the information.


viking305 profile image

viking305 4 years ago from Ireland Author

daisydayz, the competition is perfect for me as well because I write a lot of recipes anyway. I enjoy being creative with the photographs and it makes a big difference to the article.

Deborah Demander, me too this writing competition is one I am looking forward to entering.

I will see you both there on the entries page in June, Good luck

peoplepower73 profile image

peoplepower73 4 years ago from Placentia California

Great hub with a lot of useful information. My wife is a great Italian cook. So I'm going to charge the battery in the camera and away we go! Voting up, Useful and Sharing.

viking305 profile image

viking305 4 years ago from Ireland Author

Yes I am looking forward to this recipe writing competition too. I have been taking photos and writing down my recipes for a while now so that I can get started straight away.

Italian dishes are always nice so yes peoplepower get clicking away and post those winning recipes.

Thanks for the votes and sharing

liesl5858 profile image

liesl5858 3 years ago from United Kingdom

Thank you Viking 305 for this very interesting and well thought out article about making money online.

viking305 profile image

viking305 3 years ago from Ireland Author

Writing online to earn money does take time but at least with competitions there is a chance of a win and extra cash. Thanks liesl5858 for taking the time to leave a comment

Cameron Corniuk profile image

Cameron Corniuk 2 years ago from Painesville, OH

This is one of the best articles I've seen put together in awhile, particularly on the topic of independently earning money online. Lots of great information, easy to follow, videos galore. My problem has always been that I'm kind of like the mechanic who fixes up everyone else's car while my own is still riding on a wing and a prayer due to time. Every time I think "Okay, this is now, I'm going to do it this time and strike out on my own" something comes up. That's my fault. I need to force myself out of that mindset and your tips here help give me a renewed focus. Like Lisa said in the video about upping your adsense earnings, we start focusing on different things and forget to go back and dedicate time to the basics.

viking305 profile image

viking305 2 years ago from Ireland Author

Yes I agree Cameron it takes time and work to create good content that readers will enjoy. This will bring them back to your articles. You can earn money online as long as you stick to the task at hand.

Thank you Cameron for taking the time to leave your kind comments

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