Writing of love


Then, I saw you

For there were times of joy, covered in hope,

And stars building cities of love,

Temples of dreams, near hearts

That never stood apart.

Now, look in the distant cold,

See thy reflection, empty at last,

Think solely of us, whisper the past.

In a hidden railroad station hearts met,

And without questions lips embraced,

Astonishing the world and creating fate,

Far from suffering, far from sorrow,

just you and I together for an hour;

And those empty single black holes,

Will forge a grateful union of love,

The emptiness within the Universe was dark,

And in its sole redemption, a silent fury,

Emerged across the nearest stars,

Eating their chance to become candles.

The earth stood still while it was over,

For neither beast and silent angel,

Could ever steal your heart from me.


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