Creative Writing Jobs Online: Can New Writers Get Paid As Freelance Content Writers?

Instead of joining millions of new writers who are struggling to find creative writing jobs online or offline, you can take control of your writing career and get paid as a freelance content writer.

Since traditional publications are becoming less profitable, they are forced to cut writing jobs as well as other jobs. Even if you manage to get a writing job, you really don't know if you're going to have job security in the future. Due to many print publications going bankrupt or closing their doors due to dwindling profits, many long-term writers have lost their jobs.

How do you keep this from happening to your own writing career?

By working in an industry that will just keep on growing, you can avoid or minimize the financial hardship that affects millions of people in a tough economy. The Internet is not going away -- it's only going to get bigger and bigger. Billions of people worldwide are dependent on useful information provided by the Internet. Businesses generate billions of dollars from the Internet.

Without quality content, the Internet will not stay useful for billions of people all over the world. So, people who can create quality online content will always be needed.

If you're a new writer or a seasoned writer, the Internet can offer a goldmine of amazing opportunities. Content writers will always be needed to write quality articles. Creative people will always be needed to create quality images, designs, applications and other content for many websites online.

This is great news for millions of new writers interested in becoming a writer as well as seasoned writers who have lost their jobs. Instead of trying to get a traditional job, you can work as a freelance writer. By becoming successfully self-employed, you can avoid the financial meltdown that millions of people go through when they lose their jobs repeatedly.

Freelance writing can be a recession-proof way of making money online. Why? If you're a skilled freelance writer, you can write articles for many individuals and companies that need quality content online. You can write about various topics, products and services -- you have many choices! If one particular freelance writing market slows down and is no longer profitable, you can easily switch to a more profitable one.

In addition to financial rewards, freelance writing has many health and psychological benefits:

  • You can have a flexible schedule. You can work part time or in your spare time. You can take some time off whenever you want -- for as long as you want.
  • You can work at home or anywhere in the world. You can stop commuting to work and avoid dealing with traffic jams.
  • You have more control of your time. So, you can achieve work-life balance and spend more time with your loved ones.
  • You can have a healthier lifestyle. You can get out of the 9-5 rat race and reduce your stress.
  • You can have more fun. You can write about topics that you enjoy and find interesting.
  • By writing articles that can help solve people's problems, you can make a difference in people's lives with your writing.

If you have good writing skills and you want to generate income from your writing, you don't have to keep struggling to find a creative writing job online or offline. You can get started as a freelance writer today.

Many people dream of becoming a writer, but they do not take action. Instead of learning by doing and developing their writing skills, they never get started. Instead of enjoying the rewards of writing, they just keep putting it off.

Have you been dreaming of becoming a writer? Do you want to get paid writing? You owe it to yourself to just get started.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can… begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If you want to become a freelance writer, you can join Hubpages -- it's free. Click the link to learn about the benefits of joining Hubpages and how you can get paid writing.

What are some of the benefits of writing for Hubpages?

  • Over 20 million people visit Hubpages every month. So, your articles can have plenty of readers from this highly-trafficked site.
  • By joining Hubpages, you can have easy access to the Internet's top income-generating tools.
  • And many more...

Click here to find out how you can earn more royalties and commissions.

New Writers Can Stop Struggling to Find Creative Writing Jobs Online Or Offline: You Can Enjoy Writing and Get Paid As Freelance Content Writers Instead

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kuboje 7 years ago

Hello allie8020, great hub on freelance writer as alternative income generating opportunity, truly agree with you. Thanks for sharing :)

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 7 years ago from California

This is a great idea. But how much do you think a person doing this could make in a month? Maximum 3,000?...

Has_aWayWithWords profile image

Has_aWayWithWords 7 years ago from United States

Great Hub, I have a hub that has a lot of information as well as some places where freelancers can get consistent writing gigs the hub is and it is one for this weeks hub mob topic.

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

Yenajeon, there are several ways you can increase your income from freelance writing. It takes a lot of work. Otherwise, you'll be lucky to get $3000 a month.

* Keyword research and search engine optimization of your articles can be extremely important in getting more search engine traffic and more income from your hubs.

* In addition to writing for Hubpages, you can also get paid directly for writing articles and web content for individuals and businesses. Be very careful when you do this because some people might try to cheat you or avoid paying you. It's *probably* safer to work for businesses instead of individuals. has a good reputation and you can also check the link from Has_aWayWithWords' comments (shown above) for other ideas. For website-related writing, you can check for jobs available. A lawyer is interested in having me write law-related articles, but I just don't want to get stressed out. So, I've turned down the project.

* If you want a lucrative writing job or project, freelance technical writing may interest you. For example, technical writing for pharmaceutical companies can start at six-figures. I have a strong science and health care background; so, I have considered this. The downside is that it can be pretty dull.

I hope that helps.

:) Allie

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

Thanks for your comments, Has_aWayWithWords! I referenced your hub because I think it can be useful for hubbers/people looking for additional writing gigs. Here it is again:

:) Allie

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

Thanks for sharing your comments, Kuboje! :)Allie

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 7 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

There is some great information here. My friend Cheeky Girl in these hubpages will appreciate these tips and your good advice. I will pass along. I am only a new hubber here and always on the lookout for great information on writing. Thankyou.

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

Thanks, Astra Nomik!

I started reading Cheeky Girls' hubs after your comment. She's an amazing writer! I think she can do anything. If she doesn't find it a bit dull, she would be great in a lucrative technical writing position. I'm now following her, too.

Based on your first hub, I think you would be a wonderful hubber. If you have a great eye for things that most people may not even notice, you can have an unlimited source of ideas for writing. So, keep writing! You're great!


allie8020 profile image

allie8020 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

An addendum for Cathy...

I think I found your hub before I read Cassy's First, Second and Third Encounters. So, I didn't realize you have that oh-so-important starring role in her hubs. I apologize for that.

Anyway, since you are a new hubber... The best writing tip I can give you is to just keep writing. You'll develop your own style as you keep writing. Cassy is such a gifted writer, but you MUST NOT let that get in your way. There are many good writers in Hubpages, but do not be intimidated by any of them. As I mentioned in a previous comment, you are GREAT! So, just keep writing.

:) Allie

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 7 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Hey Allie! That's cool. I am used to my being in the hubs of Cheeky Girl. She is in her kitchen burning, ok Cooking pancakes as I write this. Thankyou for the Big Positive Push here. I need to be pushed. Cassy encourages me a lot, but I am lazy. I am planning more hubs soon. Thankyou for believing in me. You are great! : )

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 7 years ago from Manila

Very nice hub. I find it very inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for sharing it here at Hubpages. REmain blessed always and best regards.

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

Hi Astra Nomik!

You're so funny! I think you and Cassy are great!

You're welcome and thank you for your comments. It's okay to be leisurely. Otherwise, writing or anything becomes a drudgery. So, just have fun and write when you're ready. I'll probably start slowing down after I write my 50th hub. I've been neglecting my column and other writing tasks.

I do believe in you. You handled yourself sooo well regarding your relationship with Cassy. I'm Asian, too (or textbooks refer to us Filipinos as Eurasians or European Asians). And from what I know about the Asian culture, the revelations about your relationship could have gone a whole lot worse. So, I was cheering for the both of you when things turned out so well. I admire you for standing up to your parents. Accepting who you are -- nothing more and nothing less -- is the ultimate in freedom!

More power to you, Cathy! You get a great big hug just for being yourself!

:) Allie

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

Thank you for your comments, Cristina!

I'm glad you found this hub inspiring and encouraging. Girl, you're pretty much unstoppable without any encouragement from anyone! I don't even know what will happen if you're more inspired and encouraged. Baka maging dangerous ka na! Kunting ingat lang...

:) Allie

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Ha! Knew I'd find this page sooner of later! Hy allie! Some great and inspiring ideas here in this hub about Writing Jobs that are Online. This is inspirational for people like me. I mean, you never know - I might try my hand at screen writing some day! *wink* Cheers for a great hub! You are a very good Hubber! And thankyou for your very generous comments! They mean a lot to relative newbies like Cathy and I. : )

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

You're welcome, Cheeky Girl... and thank you for your kind words!

:) If you didn't find this hub, Cathy and I would just keep on gossiping about you.

Yeah... that screen writing idea just might work. If you could only write something exciting... oh I don't know. What about a unique love story -- with suspense, drama, lust, love and maybe you can even throw in a happy ending? Wow! I guess I have flashes of brilliance sometimes. I better protect my idea before someone tries to rip me off.

Okay... you're a brilliant writer! And you better protect your ideas before I try to rip you off.

You've really written some great hubs, Cassy! And I think Cathy shows a lot of promise based on her first hub.

I'm actually a newbie, too. I've only been writing for hubpages for over two months. I signed up and forgot about it until a couple of months ago. It's sooo stupid. I'm late, but I'm glad I finally realized how great this community is.

Allie :)

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Hy Allie: Aw, would ya really gossip to my Cathy when I'm not around? I am reading through a great book on screenwriting at the moment. I think you would make a great literary agent, Allie. What do you charge? Heh! All smart writers will copyright their writing before putting it up on a page here. Especially those out to make money.

You have nice ideas there, for writing. And there is genuine good info here for freelance writing. Every writer usually has a niche subject. I fancy a bit of everything in my writing, I try to vary the subjects from hub to hub. Some people are scared to put some good stuff up on their hubs because they think people will steal it.

You write well for someone just recently arrived here. You sound like you like romantic writing too. I love it. I am a romantic at heart. It's what people like to read, and even more when there's a truth in it. We all have a story or 2 in all of us. Even you, Allie. If a person has a passion for something, they will be good at it, that's what I find.

Take care, Allie. Always lovely to chat to you! *Hugs ya* Cheers!

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

Hi Cassy!

I don't actually like gossip especially about friends. There's something so sacred about secrets and other confidential information shared with close friends.

Now, why did I make that stupid comment about gossiping with Cathy about you? I don't know. I wasn't thinking and I apologize.

Do you know what that girl will do to me if I ever tried to do something uncool towards you? I think you wrote this in the Second Encounters: she called you all kinds of names when she got mad at you. I'm guessing she'll rip me apart! Anyway, that girl really cares about you. I hate gossiping and it's also not an option with Cathy.

Thank you for the compliment. If I educate myself, I suppose I could be a good literary agent. But at this time, I could really hurt someone's career if I do it.

In terms of copyright online, it's a tricky situation. We have automatic copyright for the things we publish, but it's difficult to enforce. It's debatable if our online work is worth our time to formally register and copyright. However, any potential work of yours for screenwriting or any ideas you want to sell to Hollywood (or UK equivalent) will need legal protection -- they're valuable enough for people to want to steal and rob you of compensation you deserve.

That's great that you fancy a bit of everything in your writing. It keeps you interesting. I try to do the same thing. It's a shame if some people are trying not to put great stuff on their hubs due to fear. If they scroll way down, they'll see the copyright for every page for this site.

Thank you for your compliments about my writing. I do like writing about love and relationships, but I also have a lot of articles on health and wellness. The science-related stuff makes things less exciting, but I do like being useful. I am really concerned about the health issues in the US and the world.

You know that I think you're a gifted writer. I really like your writing style. You have a story to tell just like the rest of us -- but, you have the gift of being able to tell your story in such an exciting manner. Please do not be intimidated by my comments. We all write good stuff and sometimes, bad stuff. Just keep writing!

It *is* always lovely to chat with you, too. Take care, Cassy! Hugs ya!!!

:) Allie

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Don't worry about the gossip thing. All women gossip, even if they swear they don't! LOL! What were you thinking when you wrote that? Ok, don't worry about it. Cathy is a sweet girl. And she is very loving, and yes very protective in a loyal kind of a way. Yes, loyal is the word I would use there. Sometimes she browses around the hubs catching a bit of a conversation here or there. It's an excuse to sneak on my Macbook. Heh!

I mentioned the agent thing, because I find your hubs are well thought out and well written, Allie. You seem like you are familiar about the writing habit in general. I copyright all my website material. I agree on my text, date it, then copyright it. I believe all writers should protect their writing. If it might bring in income, all the more reason to protect it.

Yes, I vary my hub subjects. I am adding a few new subjects all the time every few weeks. I do plan and research them, and research for "Keywords", and for the tags. For a good ranking, it has to be done, I'm afraid. I even did it with my earlier hubs, and their rating actually rose! Wow. Just goes to show you.

Your wellness hubs are interesting and also as you write on those science-related subjects. Sometimes, science or technical stuff can seem a bit dry to some people. I love technical stuff, and heck, even writing and figuring out SEO and Web and HUB stuff gets technical too, but it has to be learned, if we want our hubs to look good and be read too. This is just a suggestion - if you were trying to make the science stuff more accessible - you could always make them more "juicy" or add a bit of shine to the subject, make it more appealing. Try some angles. I find if I am writing something I don't think will be easily understood by people, I try to see how they will perceive it, and make it more interesting somehow. I take my inspiration from the writer who wrote the book "Fermat's Last Theorem", a book about a maths puzzle that was just totally absorbing and facinating, because the writer made it facinating. Most people run a mile from that stuff normally, but if it's done a certain way - wow! Bullseye!

Thanks for the compliments, Allie. I did a writing course some time last year and the year before that again. It was on writing Novels. I have this ambition that I would like to be a writer. Put that great idea I have to paper, and impress the heck out of my friends with it! Then get lots of lawsuits! Heh! I'm kidding! It's not that salacious! My Gran says I am a natural story writer, and have good "pen-man-ship". Could I get some "pen-woman-ship" instead? LOL!

Ok, look at me wrting here still! I love these chats, Allie. It's nice to chat, don't you think? : )

You take care, my friend. Enjoy your day! Lots of hugs from me and Cathy. Cheers!

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

Hi Cassy,

It's great that you have taken writing courses. That's wonderful! You absolutely need to do that to nurture your gift. Yes, I do see you with such a promising future in writing.

Here's a guide about screenwriting that might benefit you; so, please cut/paste the URL:

If you decide to get it, let me know if it's any good. I plan to get it, too. But, I have to wait until after I deal with some issues described below.

I have taken some journalism classes as well as scientific writing classes. But, I have not taken creative writing classes. I would love to do so in the future. At this time, there's so much going on with my family that requires my attention. My Mom is dealing with cancer and my brother is in the hospital due to brain injury-related disability. In two weeks, I have to travel again to deal with some issues. For now, some of my dreams are on hold while I help my family. It's that "love and devotion" thing that I referred to in one of my hubs.

You're right. I'm quite familiar with writing. In addition to English and Tagalog (the Filipino language), I used to be able to write essays in Spanish and French. Sadly, I have completely forgotten my French because I have never really used it after taking classes and my Spanish is horrible. I plan to re-learn Spanish and/or French in the future. If it never happens, I'm perfectly happy with English. My Tagalog these days is rusty.

I'm interested in learning screenwriting in order to tell my brother's story. At this time, we don't have an ending. I wish with all my might that it would have a happy ending, but I realize that anything can happen.

If you're curious, you can visit my neglected blog ( Click "About Us" and read "My Story."

Thank you for your kind words and suggestions!

I actually searched for "Fermat's Last Theorem" on, but I was disappointed that I found different versions. I saved one in my shopping list anyway. If you have any info on the author of the book you really liked, please share it with me. There's no big rush. I'm way too busy to read it a this time. If you can't find it, it's cool. I'll check out the different versions to see which one might be as exciting as you think.

I'm pleasantly surprised to learn that you enjoyed this book about math. There are many books about chemistry, biology and physics that I just love... love... love! But I have to say, I have never found one about math. Maybe I'll also find "Fermat's Last Theorem" as fascinating as you did.

I just love chatting with you. Lots of hugs for you and that loving, protective and loyal Cathy!

Have a wonderful day... every day!

:) Allie

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Hy Allie:

I got delayed in getting back to you earlier, Allie. Sorry about that. Ok this time I am actually sitting here with a coffee! Heh! What a great and long comment you made here! I almost had to double-check if this hub was yours or mine! LOL! Yes, O did the writing classes and seminar and it was interesting to meet fellow budding writers. I am going to check this Url you gave me above. I will let you know what happens. Mt screen writing book is giving me lots of new informed ideas about how to develop my writing. Wow! I even reviewed some screen writing software on a software hub I did before Xmas. I have the writing tools anyway!

Oh Allie, I am sorry to hear about your Mom. I didn’t realise you have so much happening in your life. *Cassy gives you a warm hug* You are doing the right thing putting family first. You are certainly very devoted to your family. It is tough putting dreams on hold, but family is important. I will say a prayer for your Mom and your brother.

Addendum – I have just read Gosh, Allie. I am really moved by the account of your life. You have certainly seen your fair share of highs and other things in your life. Yet you always maintain that indomitable spirit of yours and you are doing your very best.

I understand many things now, and see you have a lot there on your “plate” so to speak. Maybe I will shorten the comments in future, cos you are one busy person! Sorry for making my comments so long here! In the meantime, all you Hubbers carry on putting your comments in here, below this! Heh!

Oh yes, Fermats Last Theorem. I know you are so busy there with many things. But yes, Allie. It is a revealing book on how the famous mathematical mystery was solved by a British mathematician, after some false steps too. It made me realise that books or even Hubs like these or in Blogs or websites could be written about just about anything under the sun, if the approach to it is right.

It is written in layman’s terms and maybe that’s why it’s so popular. I like anything that is technical, to a certain level. Quantum Physics was ok till about halfway and then 14 dimensions later I was scratching a hole in my head, and in need of an aspirin! LOL!

There I am gassing on YET again! Why do I do that? Allie, I simply love talking to you always. You are a very interesting person. You are a Mom, a sister, a daughter and you are so many other things too! You really know a lot! You are greater than the sum of your many parts! Now there’s another maths mystery. How do I explain that? I guess you are just a very interesting and wonderful person! : )

Cathy just passed me a big slice of Marzipan Stollen. She says a big warm hello to ya! *Cathy waves at the laptop* She is trying to fatten me up. That will never work! Heh! She is laughing at your description of her. You will be seeing her portrait here soon, her real one!

Gotta go now, Allie. Cathy and I are sending big warm hugs for you and all your family there. You are in our prayers and in our thoughts too!

Take care, my good friend. Have a good day today – everyday. I am very glad to know you, Allie. : )

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

Hi Cassy!

You and I usually write such long comments... I know. But, there's sooo much to talk about. And I just love chatting with you about so many things. You're soooo interesting.

About "Fermat's Last Theorem"... I really want to get that book now. It must be great for you to really like it.

I gotta go 'cuz it's almost 2 am and I still have some work to do. I'm sending you and Cathy big warm hugs! Thank you for the kind words and prayers, my wonderful friends!

Have a great day... everyday!

:) Allie

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Hy Allie! Yes, I agree! Sending each other long pages of stuff - wow! You could make a book with all this writing almost! LOL!

Take care my friend! Always good to chat! Warm hugs to you too, moi friend! : )

Cathy says hi too!

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 7 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

Hi Cassy,

Yes, we could make a book with all of our comments.

Hey... you never know if we'll end up collaborating together or maybe you'll end up writing something for me. Hmmmm... wouldn't that be nice?

FYI: Cathy posted this as her fan mail (I think you and I wrote our fan mails when we haven't started getting to know each other):

"Allie, I love your honesty when you write. Cheeky is right. You show what a caring person thinks and can talk about in an intelligent way. You write with experience of more than books or academia, but of life also. Count me as a true fan."

Wow! What an amazing thing for you to tell Cathy and what a generous thing for her to share. Thank you so much and please thank her for me. I'm sooo touched.

You and Cathy are great people as individuals, but something almost magical happens when you're together. Maybe it's just two hearts beating as one or something, but the effect is definitely synergistic. You're soooo cool!

Warm hugs to both of you!

:) Allie

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Allie, what can I say. I love writing. Me - write something for you? H'mmm indeed! Wonder what you had in mind? Care to email me, perchance?

With Cathy, she lives here. I share everything with her. *wink wink* I guess you understand. And yes, she told me. You are an intelligent person. Take it as a compliment. As for being on hubs together, sometimes we overlap. She might comment on a hub before I do. Or me before Cathy. I just wish she will do this new hubs and get it finished!!

As for our two hearts beating as one, um, yes - we are that. And more besides. You know what you need to know, Allie.

Thanks for your comments and notes. I really enjoy them. And I never tire of talking to you. Big hugs to you moi friend! : )

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 6 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

Hi Cassy,

Thanks for your comments.

I think you're right. You and Cathy tend to overlap. Hmmm... interesting.

Hey, don't bug her about her new hubs. It's too much pressure. It's too bad she wrote a great first hub. Tell her to write some mediocre hubs, too. It might help her relax.

Take care!

:) Allie

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Ahaw. We overlap in many ways. H'mm. On second thoughts, I'll keep it decent here. Heh! You guys are doing so much yapping here. Let others comment too! : )

This is so good, it should be bookmarked or saved for posterity. Useful information Allie. Thankyou.

allie8020 profile image

allie8020 6 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area, California Author

You're welcome and thank you for your comments, Astra Nomik!

You're right! Cassy and I are doing so much yapping. We've been using hubpages to chat. Email is much better.

Thank you for your kind words, Cathy!

:) Allie

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 6 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

Great share allie that's why Im with HP...

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Great hub on freelance writing! Looks like you have a lot of interesting hubs to read about....I'll just follow you where I can keep up with your hubs....Thanks!

Gabrielle 6 years ago

I luckily found many creative writing jobs online and earn a full time income now. I started in freelance sites and then worked up to getting hired at many online publishers. Thank goodness these jobs are available because it is easy to get going.

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

I came back for another read of this. It's a great hub. Plus I am rating it with the new Facebook feature we have now too. :)

kailaschozhan profile image

kailaschozhan 6 years ago from Chennai

How to write posts with web blogs. Can you have website which is giving proper payment to write blogs or post.

kailaschozhan profile image

kailaschozhan 6 years ago from Chennai

How to write posts with web blogs. Can you have website which is giving proper payment to write blogs or post.

msms profile image

msms 6 years ago

what was great information in this that bubbled out from the writer ? do not know ? could not get any new direction, motivation or information from the hub. same 'write' and write' but where and for what?

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland


What a great hub with lots of excellent advice. I have added this to my favourites as a reference. Many thanks.

Holly R profile image

Holly R 5 years ago

This hub has some great advice!

creative writing jobs 5 years ago

You are right there are so many creative writing jobs available online it is not funny. Back track 10 years and a writer would not have the opportunities that are available today. What a wonderful age we live in.

Aura 5 years ago

Hey! I have been writing for a pretty long time now, I want to write on various topics, from literature, from very normal every day life,little stories, poems...I want to know if it will suffice your requirements?

Dravid 5 years ago

Apart from the benefits provided by the site and the methods of doing the job, its also important that you have the right kind of platform to display your service. Hence, one can host one's service as a Gig and display it on various such website. I can recommend one on my personal experience. Content writing services

casperquids profile image

casperquids 4 years ago from England

As Someone who has been 'putting off' my dream of becoming a writer, I find this hub very helpful. Now that I am almost hitting 30, I believe its now or never for me! So Information like the hub above is great.

dil 4 years ago

hi dear i m upset......... because i don,t knoe tht how to start this job please help me

eddy4me profile image

eddy4me 4 years ago from Wales.

This one is so interesting and useful .

I now look forward to many more by you.


manatita44 profile image

manatita44 4 years ago from london

useful and informative. Keep it up.

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