How to Market and Generate Book Sales with a Literary Agent?

Putting a book together is not a simple task! It is usually a long drawn out process. It's a wolf of innovation with heaps of perspiration.

If you’re publishing a children’s story book, you'll need to have at least ten illustrations. This calls for a professional illustrator. Or if you're an artist great, you can compose the pictures yourself. This will add to the time your book becomes active on the bookstore shelves, because you have extra work to do.

You can simplify your book publishing tasks by self publishing your script. Essentially, if you have a brilliant idea or story line with great grammar skills just about any self-publishing company will take you on a lovely publishing journey, as long as you have the bucks to pay for your the publishing of your new book. This certainly will give you a sense of great accomplishment. However, selling your book across a grand scale will be another hurdle to overcome.

You may notice your self-published book sells bit by bit, not the way you expected and hoped. You may also believe you invested too much money in self publishing your book. The self publishing company will require you to spend thousands of dollars to market your book, and this may stress your limited resources and patience.

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Obtaining the Promise of a Literary Agent

Another viable route you can take is a longer route, where you approach a literary agent and try to convince the manager to take you on. Literary agents are truly distinctive and have single, personal quirks; they expect you to follow depending on the subject manner of your book.

Many literary agents expect you to submit the materials of your book in a particular format. They also expect you to sell yourself and convince them with reasons why you need their services. You'll need to send a query letter or make phone calls to literary agents and traditional publishing companies.

This process can take many months, and even two years or more to receive a response from a query letter or phone call. You'll get a plethora of rejections before you receive the one yes from a literary agent. This is certainly all that is needed to get your writing career off to a terrific start.

Literary Agents Receive a Percentage in Sales

A literary agency will take the pressure off of you in paying for the publishing and marketing of your book. They will have the capability to illustrate your book and create a book website for you along with booking book signing engagements in book stores, schools and coffee shops.

A literary agent has many connections in landing your book into the hands of the larger publishing houses. Once an agent takes you on, you'll be able to get on with what you love to do best, that is, to write and write more, and writing up a storm without the intricate cares of needing to know how to sell your book.

A literary agency will draw up a book proposal to publish and sell your book for a percentage or cut, of the number of books sold on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Once you obtain the promise of a literary agent, you can bet your future books will be sold on a larger scale. Your literary agent will absolutely assure your name becomes popular,and literally produces a myriad of fans wanting to buy and read your book. Since they're the ones footing the bill to sell your book, instead of you, you'll receive positive results for a small cut in pay.

Please allow me to say congratulations for putting a fabulous book together! I know it was hard work!

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These social media sites go a long way in helping to promote your authorship. It helps to get the word out about your book. It's easy to get started! Mimicking what I have done should help you out a great deal! You should create such accounts and have a professional book website to promote your book too.

After Your Book is Published, Tell Everyone You Know About Your Book!

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BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 5 years ago from New York

Great hub. I have self-published and my book isn't doing too badly. I enjoy the challenge of marketing it and my sales have picked up. I'm presently finishing up my love novel and hope to have it on Amazon by early April. I enjoyed reading this.

Craan profile image

Craan 5 years ago from Florida Author

Congratulations Bobbi! Your book is a grand accomplishment. I wish you much success! There are many authors who vow self publishing is a great route to follow and others who prefer the traditional way of publishing. I am going the try both ways to experience the difference.

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