"Y A W N "


Y a w n !


Y  A  W  N  
a grand canyon
of flesh
opens up
sucking air
blood rushes
to the temples
to worship the
wailing wall
of sound that emerges
eyes squinched tight
arms flung
like limbs
in a twisting wind
hand flys up
in a panic
to cover the act
as if a piece of your
intestine might plop out
and soon an
epidemic occurs
a contagion of sorts
all around
other mouths
fall prey
to the
widening rush
of inhale
and stretch
and cover
that manhole

Y  A  W  N  !

perhaps you too
right now are
about to yawn
lips trembling
feel that kind
of a roaring
rush flow
thru your
whole system
as it kicks in
don't fight it
it feels good
let it free
for you see
it is yawns
in free flight
that make the
black holes in space
my poem will
inspire you to yawn
I feel as if
I have reached
a pinnacle
somewhere on
top of a nightcap
I am manufacturing
yawns for the masses
by mere words
on a bright lit screen!

Y   A   W   N  

 Y   A   W   N

   Y   A  W   N~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III

>. .<   ~ ~
 O      O

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