Dream birds of LOVE



the dream bird of my love,

with the feathers,

of my desires,

to where are you flying.

See, my breathing,

smells out ,

your scented love,

my nights,

passes in your deep,

black eyes.

See, for a long time,

in the ocean of your love,

my heart,

trying to control,

the boat of desires,

in the fast moving,

love streams,

I, your companion,

roaming here and there,

in the lifetime,

of your love.

I call you,

come back,

we both will fly,

in the deep desire,

of our love,

joining together,

the feathers of our love,

without you,

I am nothing and,

you will also,

not achieve your goal,

of the destination of our love.

come back,

I am still waiting.


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