Yearning Heart

Broken | Source

I opened my heart once again

I bared my soul

And let you in.

Not understanding

How it would end.

So in tune

To tell-tale signs

Yet with my heart

I’m never able to define.

From the moment I saw you

My heart skipped a beat.

And then you kissed me

Leaving me breathless,

And weak.

My love was given

And never returned.

Leaving my heart

Longing with a deep yearn.

Tattered and torn

Broken and forsaken once again.

The question always remains,

When will it end?

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© 2014 proudmamma

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sweethearts2 profile image

sweethearts2 3 years ago from Northwest Indiana

Beautifully expressed

proudmamma profile image

proudmamma 3 years ago Author

Thank you for the kind words and taking time to read my hub. Have a great day!

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