Yellowstone Maiding

Oh My

Oh My

Oh Me

I wanted to be

a Yellowstone maid.

Forty times

bear soap to the left

not the right

The seams on the sheets go down

not up

The pink solution is for toilets

and sinks

and showers

The yellow is like windex

The green is what you spray for room freshener

Oh My!


OH Me!

I tried to clean the sink

with room freshener

I tried to clean the toilet

with windex

The sheets went on backwards

The bear was nowhere to be found

Got stuck in the elevator with that huge cart

Couldn't go forward

Couldn't go backward.

Oh my!

Oh my!

Looks like back to teaching

For me.


A Yellowstone Maid

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Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

As long as you don't have to teach Yellowstone Maids:)!!

coynea profile image

coynea 6 years ago Author

That's the truth Mentalist acer! I give myself a C- at maiding.

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