Yes I Want Cheese With That Whine


It’s almost that time of year again,

To pay the piper who’s not our friend.

One more month I tell myself,

Put it back upon the shelf.

Do it later I procrastinate,

It can sit there, it can wait.

It can wait just one more week,

Before I have to begin to tweak.

All the numbers, all in rows

Page by page, as I go.

Did we collect enough HST?

Man I hope so or they’ll charge me.

Do we have all the gas receipts?

Materials oh my, they were not cheap.

I promised myself last year at this time,

That I'd keep up the books, now I whine.

Why did I put it off so long again?

To leave it to the very end.

Still have to buy the tax program,

When I do I'll sit and cram.

All the numbers one two three,

Being just a busy little bee.

Balancing numbers as I go,

For the government, I have to show.

My time is precious don’t you know.

They don’t care they run the show.

Taxes are a pain in ass,

I’d really like to take a pass.

Just one year that’s all I ask,

One freebee for all the years of this task.

Don’t forget all the deductions.

It’s easy just follow the instructions.

Procrastination is my name.

Hate filing taxes, feel it’s a shame.

Just want to keep this money that we owe,

But Canada Revenue says no no no.


© 2011 Susan Zutautas

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Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Yes that dreaded time again! I got the cheese do you have the wine?

RealHousewife profile image

RealHousewife 4 years ago from St. Louis, MO

Omg! It is that time again isn't it? Ahhhhhh! I hate tax time - give me some cheese! Lol

Brilliant and funny! I can so relate - sadly:( lol

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

aslanlight I'll let you know if I ever find out :)

aslanlight profile image

aslanlight 5 years ago from England

'My time is precious don’t you know

They don’t care they run the show'

Grrrrrrrrrrr!!! Why do they run the d**n show and what do we actually get for our money?

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

sligobay they sure are at that.

saddlerider :) LOL

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 5 years ago

The tax man cometh a knocking at my door with his hand out for more. I do my best to pay what I owe and they keep asking for mo. They can eat cake, while I eat beans, how sad is that? Oh woe to us all, tax man is a HO

sligobay profile image

sligobay 5 years ago from east of the equator

Taxes are a universal pain in the arse!

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

dahoglund how true that is.

Chatkath Still have not started mine yet either. Maybe this week maybe next.

Stan Thanks for stopping by. I will keep you posted as to when my score drops a bit :)

Stan Fletcher profile image

Stan Fletcher 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

You pay taxes in Canada too? Just kidding. I was doing my dumb American schtick.

Very cool and clever.....

And I HATE tax time like the plague.

Oh, I almost forgot, I can't read any more of your hubs until your score goes down a little....

Chatkath profile image

Chatkath 5 years ago from California

Yes, it is that time again isn't it? Thanks for reminding me Susan :D I haven't even started....

dahoglund profile image

dahoglund 5 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

oh yes. Death and taxes, the only things in life that are certain.

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