You Are What You Think | Song

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You are what

You think you are

The most Simplest thing

Is the most Difficult

And what you know

Give you Life

This is your Greatest Strength

You think Big

You’ll be Big

You think Small

You‘ll be Small

Whatever you think

You’ll become 2x

You are what

You think you are

Knowledge well known

Is very Simple

And what you know

Can give you Life

This can make you Strong or weak

Abba Elijah also known as elija_god (elijagod)

© 2012 Abba Elijah also known as elija_god (elijagod)

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abbaelijah profile image

abbaelijah 4 years ago from Nigeria Author

Thanks for all you comment !

FriendofTruth profile image

FriendofTruth 4 years ago from Michigan

Voted up Brother, our thoughts are very important. We need to protect our minds and let God's Word lead us and cleanse our minds by His power. When wrong thoughts come, He tells us to cast them down. I enjoyed your song!

debbiepinkston profile image

debbiepinkston 4 years ago from Pereira, Colombia and NW Arkansas

In Counseling we call this "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy", what you think = what you feel = what you do = who you become. The Bible is clear on this topic also and God tells us to think on what is lovely, pure, and just in Phillipians chapter 4.

Great words!

MsDora profile image

MsDora 4 years ago from The Caribbean

"What you know can give you life." That's such an important truth, because what we know influences our thoughts and actions. Thanks for sharing.

abbaelijah profile image

abbaelijah 4 years ago from Nigeria Author

Your thought creates and rule your world whether you know it or not.

Faith pictures the invisible and calls it to the visible

That visible is what we all desire,

so faith is thinking it and then put it to action.

Thanks for the comment !

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

So very true. We have only ourselves to rely on and faith can make us strong.

abbaelijah profile image

abbaelijah 4 years ago from Nigeria Author


This is among the first ten songs i wrote when i bought my guitar.

Thanks for all your comments

Tobusiness and Mhatter99 !

Mhatter99 profile image

Mhatter99 4 years ago from San Francisco

Cute poem, with a sobering truth. Thank you

tobusiness profile image

tobusiness 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

This is true and very profound. Voting up and beautiful.

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