You Came Back

You came back
Asked for me.
Suddenly my heart
Filled with glee.

Asked me then
If I would.
I don't know
If I should.I trusted you
With all i had.
It started good
But ended bad.
I waited long
For this day.
Waited for the sun
To shine it's ray.
Thought you were good
One other guy.
Turns out I was wrong

More like five.
As I lay
I Think of you.
I don't know
What I should do.

Was always glad
You were my first.
Now you've had lots
I'm feeling worse.
Never thought I would
Never to you.

But now I want one
Maybe even two.
I'd do it right
You'd never know.
It would help me through
Help me to grow.
I know its bad
You did it right.
But without it I'll have
This internal fight.
You're the one forever
Only one is you.
But because of you
I need more than us two.
I hurt without you
Need something more.
It cuts me deep
Down to the core.
With this one deed
I would be fine.
I could truly believe
You're really mine.
I know you've changed
But so have I.
You had your others
So now I'll try.
I love you still
Please know it's true.
This is just something
I have to do.

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mottiandbander profile image

mottiandbander 5 years ago from Chd

Nice words....please keep writing...Amazing..following you..

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