You Can't Break Me!

Emotions can break you down
Emotions can break you down | Source
I am one and I am strong!
I am one and I am strong! | Source

Don't we all have dreams?

Is life only about the

weekend and how much

you can drink?

I'm sorry I'm not


but I have other

fish to fry.

My dreams are important to me.

if you

can't see that -

then, Goodbye!

Shauna L Bowling

Refining, Defining or Rhyming

All Rights Reserved

© 2011 Shauna L Bowling

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BB 5 years ago

Because I don't understand it, I was wondering about your state of mind, as your other hubs flow so well.

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 5 years ago from Central Florida Author

I wrote this after a friend of mine told me I'd lost a friend because I wouldnt' sit and drink with him on a Friday night. I told him I was busy writing and would sit with him for a few minutes. Upon bidding him adieu, he chose to reject me for striving towards my dream, by sending me a text saying "you've just lost a friend". Thus, "You Can't Break Me". Obviously, he's not a friend and never was.....

unknown spy profile image

unknown spy 4 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

Yes obviously he's not a friend. friends are happy when they know that you are strving for your dreams, for the success that you will reach. true friends will understand if you cannot make it on friday night.

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 4 years ago from Central Florida Author

You got that right, unknown!

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 2 years ago from Orlando, FL

If a friend isn't capable of understanding what's important to you, then they aren't worth your time.

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 2 years ago from Central Florida Author

That's exactly the way I feel, Linda. In fact, I don't give him the time of day anymore.

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