You Cannot Hurt Me Anymore

You cannot hurt me anymore,

not now -

now that I've seen the light,

by facing my fears

and taking control of my past.

Of the days that turned as black as the night.

No one can hurt me anymore

because I refuse,

I refuse to let this happen again

as I refuse to live in any shadow.

shadows that you may try and hold over me.

I am in charge of my life now

and it will never be the same as before,

I am not prepared to ever feel guilty

of the times I allowed

all the bad things happen to me.

We all make mistakes

which we accept when we are older,

but the fact is I made no mistake -

but only I can set myself free.

My healing has just started

as my life is just beginning,

I have accepted my past

as an experience of life.

It is you who is the loser

as I can do nothing but win.

You cannot hurt me anymore

my strength will not let you,

I've changed in my views of my past -

and I will never allow you to hurt me.

Not now -

now I know these feelings will last.

I have taken control of my life

which I can tell you

it feels so much better,

I have stood up to be counted

to tell of the pain that you have caused me

I am not frightened anymore

you can no longer destroy me.

It has finally come to an end

as I looked you in the eye

and faced up to my past.

You cannot hurt me anymore

not now

not ever again.

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