You Repair Me

Dear Honey,

It’s been a while…we both been together…
You help solve my problem
And spread my wings

You help my fly
And bring strength to my life…
But what you didn’t know…
Is the history of my life..

I was abused…as a child..
That is my weakness…
That is my pain…

I am not strong…
Like what you think…
I am weak…
Honey inside me I’m pain…

I was lost..
And now I’m found…

But memories made me tremble
And fall to the ground…

Its not that easy
Oh no its not…
To forgive and forget
Things that hurt most…

I’m feared my parent
From their cruelty…
You never wear my shoes…
You’ll never know…

Life isn’t easy
Not ever for me…

Happiness was little
But more pain indeed…

Bullet fly across the sky
Above my head as I dive..

I nearly died several time
But have you ever seen
Your best friend died
To save your life?

I’m not crazy
Psychologically ill
I don’t need a doctor
Or mental examination
But all I need is my life to saved…
Into the arm of someone who can show me
Where happiness can take…

And that is you
My dear one..

You repair me
With your love..

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Tina 5 years ago

Wonderfully written srey roth, I know he's your hero...the only person that could bring smile to your face.

chanroth profile image

chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA Author

He bring smiles...yes...but you spark my day with laughter! Thanks! :)

prashant angiras profile image

prashant angiras 5 years ago from shimla(india)

there is song by bob Dylan -"Tombstone Blues" and this line i love the most "Death to all those who would whimper and cry"..and this is the reality no matter what hard time you are facing but you have to act strong,i can understand that as a child you have seen a lot of problems,but it is ok everybody in this world do have problems,their are many other people who have broken hearts,some have lost their near dear ones and god knows what severe problem they might be facing so you are not alone,i am also not that happy but it is ok,you have your fiance so cheers Chanroth for now is the time to celebrate and very soon you are going to get every thing that you want..

chanroth profile image

chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA Author

Hi Prashant, warm hug from afar. you bring tears to my eyes and help me believe in myself. And remind me that I'm not alone....thank you. I would also want you to cheer up as well since you say your not so happy. Bring that smile to your face and lighten up like you did for me. The warmest hug from afar to bring back your smile. *CHEERS!*

apurva joshi profile image

apurva joshi 5 years ago from INDIA

hi chanroth beautifully written. Its really lucky to have someone who brings smile on your face.. great going with your hubs...

chanroth profile image

chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA Author

Hi apurva, thank you! :)

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