Poem About Love for Children :: You Are The Reason Why I Keep on Loving

You are the reason

You came into my life

When I was down

I thought I was alone

Then I feel you inside me

I have grown bigger

And become heavier

And my nose larger

I don’t like the way I look

But everyday each time I wake up

I can feel you breathing in me

And as the days passed by

You start to move inside of me

I became restless

And keep on thinking

I can't let you live

I can't face you anymore

But every time I feel you

I feel happier, I always smile

I found some purpose in life

And happiness I can't explain

After nine months

You came into my life

I cried when I heard you cry

I smile and put you in my arms

From that day on

I am like a flower

I started to bloom

I felt I am not alone

Thank you for coming into my life

For giving me the purpose to live

And for that sweetest hope

I found my life again

We will be together

In the sail of life

I can't fear anymore

I am not alone anymore

I love you

My precious one

Don’t fear no more

We will become one

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donna bamford profile image

donna bamford 7 years ago from Canada

Very sweet, moving poem. I like!

alexandriaruthk profile image

alexandriaruthk 7 years ago from US Author

thank you Donna! have a good day

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