You never can tell

She was 17yrs when she found out that she was pregnant. Everyone in her family wanted her to abort the pregnancy but her boy friend wanted her to keep it. He was only 17yrs and under the control of his parents.

Get rid of that bastard or i will kill you. Her Father threatened.

She didn't know what to do, she felt that her family was right, she was too young to have a baby besides out of wedlock. It was a taboo. She waited patiently for the doctor, she laid on the bed then felt guilty.

She ran away from the hospital and eloped with her boy friend, they were young and immature but she kept the pregnancy. It is now thirty three years. As she celebrate her 50th birthday, a young man hugged her and handed her a Ferari key.

Everyone wanted to have a picture of the car

The baby she would have killed when she was 17years is today an executive manager in an office in wall street.

"Think before you abort that pregnancy, you never can tell"

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