Young Romance

Young Romance

Everybody’s tricky,
Girls think boys are icky,
Until she gets a hickey,
And everything gets sticky,
You take her out for chicky,
It’s Greasy finger licky.

At first she thought your lame,
You must be all the same,
Until she played the game,
But she’s a special dame,
There is nothing to explain,
Fits in a picture frame.

Borrowing the car,
Feeling like a Czar,
You might get pretty far,
If you show that battle scar,
You tripped at a salad bar,
You told her it was more.

Not old enough to drink,
You can only hear your blink,
Walking down, you think...
Where is that skating rink?
And if your breath does stink?
And did she see you wink?

You play that compact disc,
It’s time to take a risk,
You lean in for a kiss,
And hoping you don’t miss,
You finally get your wish,
She gets you on the lips.

You try to take it deeper,
At this point you’re a creeper,
She looks into your peepers,
As your hand goes steeper,
She smacks you in your beeper,
And now you are a weeper.

As you chase those pretty eyes,
And your hold your inner thighs,
You try to apologize,
But despite your feeble tries,
She sees through your lies,
She knows a better guy.


Hopefully you get a chuckle from this one. It isn't meant to be taken seriously. Think awkward young love, maybe 16 or so, borrowing your dad's car, not knowing what to do on a first date and all the weird feelings that come from it; and then having it end badly. :)

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