Your Halloween Puzzle

I stumbled ‘cross some pieces

Of your Halloween puzzle

Some of them you left

At elementary school

And others you had given

Not caring for the rules

Then you handed me some pieces

Of your Halloween puzzle

You wouldn’t turn them over

You knew mummy would be afraid to see

The monster who had

Once preyed for me

And you wanted to keep the monster

Whose colors could be pretty

Til you found its half-time heart

But you made me look see

With the help of angels

The pieces of a nightmare

Staring back at me

I’ve put most the pieces together

So I could find the truth

Of why you pierced me with

Knowing what took your youth

The very blackest pieces

You hide from yourself

Let’s put them all together

Then rest it on a shelf

Corn Maze

Don't get lost in lies and secrets.
Don't get lost in lies and secrets.

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