Zhu Zhu Pets Books

Parents you will love the new edition to the zhu zhu pet collection...its zhu zhu pet books! In case the kids have been spending more time with their zhu zhu pets than their books this is an ideal way to get them hooked on reading again. There are several books in the zhuzhu pets books collection including fun adventures and tales of each zhu zhu pet.

As the zhu zhu family expands I am sure there will be plenty more books to come. Some of the released titles so far include the following titles;

Meet the Zhu Zhu Pets

In this introductory tale you can get to know each zhu zhu pet character. The cute animated book is full of fun and even has quizzes and questions that interact with kids. Don’t forget about your zhu zhu pet stickers included in the book too.

Mr. Squiggles’ Halloween Party (Zhu Zhu Pets)

Hmm, if Mr Squiggles is involved then you are definately in for one giant zhu zhu adventure. I n this tale, Mr Squiggles is hosting a Halloween Party for all his zhu zhu friends. The reader will have to decide who has the best costume!

Chunk's Perfect Day (Zhu Zhu Pets)

Chunk, like the title suggest is a laid back zhu zhu who loves to chill out and he especially loves a day at the beach but he also loves to hang out with his zhu zhu friends. In this zhu zhu pet book, kids can read all about Chunks Perfect day when he gets to do both his favourite things at the same time, hang out with friends at the beach!

Zhu Zhu Pets Furry Friends Giant Coloring and Activity Book

Once the Kids have done their reading for their day! You a treat them to the Zhu Zhu Pets Furry Friends Giant Coloring and Activity Book filled with images of the zhu zhu hamster’s t colour in.

Both zhu zhu pet’s books and zhu zhu color in books are sure to be a hit with kids especially if they love their zhu zhu pets.

zhu zhu pets costumes
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maggy 5 years ago

i love it so so muche and it is so cute

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