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Words Will Prevail

Words never cease to form beneath the frequency of we.

Thrown out into the waters of peace.

Stamped approved or never used makes no difference to me.

The words once lost, once out, one upon another shout

into the creviced abyss of doubt.

At times heard. At times the word forgotten rings the bell.

Keep the line flowing, going.

Heaven and hell become the same to those who choose to choose.

I say let it all come. I say come what may.

I say choose to stay untethered by the whoosh and the clang

Of what we weather.

New religion births itself in every breath we take.

Every day faith in your catholic thoughts, your buddhist thoughts, your christian thoughts, your pagan thoughts, your jewish thoughts, your atheist thoughts, your mormen thoughts, your peacable thoughts, your volatile thoughts, your beautiful thoughts, your ugly thoughts, your vegetarian thoughts, your cannibalistic thoughts, your preacher, teacher and featured thoughts become the same.


Every thought cemented by choice adds to the rhythm of mankind.

Every hurt you feel I can feel.

Every softness wielded steels me further through

The ridden, hidden, the unfamiliar you.

When your child cries I seek to pacify my own.

When your moment dies I gather up the moments of my own.

When the break of day comes to illuminate me I pray the darkness will lift

From thee.

When everything is foreign to me, comfort comes belatedly

Welcoming what I've yet to see;

The forming of the guild of human endeavour.

Not pieced, nor quilted, no stilted vision performs the miracle.

Baptismal reckoning lays its palm upon the forehead of my soul

Undeterred by my lack of letting go.

For I am baptised (born anew) every day by the making of my own

Choice to stay.

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Druid Dude 6 years ago

I kneel at your feet. Thou art truly a Goddess, flown down from heaven by angelic wings to raise the lowly station of all. That piece made my pulse quicken! Great composition!

fi fi profile image

fi fi 6 years ago from Niagara, Canada Author

Druid Dude - Thanks! I'm blushing! Glad you enjoyed it.

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