A Poem For Hope


Sometimes it seems

That all is lost

And every day is grey,

That everything you dreamed about

Has sneered and turned away,

That up ahead


Is blocking out your view,

Confusing your direction,

Just can't see your way through,

But even when

A dream has died

Another one can bloom,

Like seeds that spring

From deadened grass,

A songbird's brand new tune,


The path may change

But feet still walk

Though not on soil of old,

Through the clouds,

The burnished sun -

An incandescent gold,

Hold out your hands

And touch the warmth,

It's closer than you think,

Watch those little paper boats -

They either swim or sink,

The best are strong,

They sail along,

And weather all the storms -

A little bit of water

Doesn't mean it's

All gone wrong.

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tylergee 4 years ago

This is a beautiful poem! The rhyming and rhythm is great, and the poem flows wonderfully :)

Polly C profile image

Polly C 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi tylergee, thank you for your beautiful comments and for stopping by - much appreciated :)

Michael Beskalis profile image

Michael Beskalis 4 years ago from San Francisco

In the recent years, I've lost much. thank you for reminding me of the hope inside us all. And this poem is is more than just poetic, its real...as in it speaks to you. It's beautiful.

Polly C profile image

Polly C 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Michael, I am so pleased you liked the poem, it means a lot. I'm sorry for your losses. Hope you're ok, there is always hope :)

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 3 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

What a great poem! So full of positivity. I love it:)

Polly C profile image

Polly C 3 years ago from UK Author

Thank you, MissJamieD - so pleased that you like it :)

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