ABCs of your love, poetry by Ashley Pentycofe

A is for the arrow you stabbed me with over and over again

B is for the bowls and bowls of tears that bead from my eyes

C is for crime of loving you when you hated me

D is for the devil on your shoulder controlling you

E is for the egg shells that cut at my throat as you force feed them to me

F is for the surrender flag I wave begging for my life

G is for the poisoned grapes you feed me

H is for the ghostly hag that follows us around like a bad omen

I is for the igloo you keep my heart in frozen like a Popsicle

J is for the joke our relationship has become

K is for the keys you dangle above me, the keys for escape from you

L is for the lipstick on your shirt collar, lipstick I don’t wear

M is for the makeup smear on your underwear, makeup I don’t wear

N is for the night shirt that is not mine

O is for the opportunity to run, opportunity for a change

P is for the pulse that quickens

Q is for the quilt I’m going to bury you in

R is for right to our money jar

S is for the settlement for cheating

T is for the time it will take to trust someone again

U is for the relief from UR anger

V is for the victory of escape from your beatings

W is for the good wishes from friends and family

X is for the x-rays I can now forget

Y is for the yo-yo of feelings you put me though

Z is for the new zero tolerance I now have

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Time2Spare profile image

Time2Spare 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

Sad poem , but I liked it.,Voted up.

TripleAMom profile image

TripleAMom 4 years ago from Florida

Well written but sad poem. I hope you are doing better now. Voted up.

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