A Few Pumpkin Poems For Kids


First I picked a pumpkin,

Round and solid gold,

Then I cut the top off

And the seeds I did unmold.

Next I made two little eyes

That twinkled in the night,

And then I cut a funny nose...

It must be placed just right.

Now he gets a happy mouth

And teeth that laugh with glee,

Then a candle went inside

And my jack-o-lantern smiled at me!

Ruth H. Underhill

The Wise Little Pumpkin

Oh, funny little pumpkin face

With laughing mouth and laughing eyes,

Aren't you a wee bit frightened

When witches fly the midnight skies?

And what about the goblins

And ghosts that are about?

Aren't you scared just a little,

When the screeching cats come out?

Perhaps you know a secret

You'd share with everyone,

That all the pranks and witchcraft

Are really just for fun.

Becky Jennings

Pumpkin Delicious

Pumpkin pie,

Pumpkin soup,

Pumpkin squash

Didda - dee - goop.

Pumpkin cookies,

Pumpkin bread,

Pumpkin seeds


my pumpkin head!

Pumpkin Torte,

Pumpkin Risotto,

Pumpkin bars,


I think I'm seeing stars!

Pumpkin pancakes,

Pumpkin cheesecake,

Pumpkin chicken.

It's great being a pumpkin.

The treats I can make are finger lickin'!

D. Alsup

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