A Poem: Real Beauty

Photo by Anna Goodson
Photo by Anna Goodson

by Vicki Parker


She walks in beauty, a beholding sight,

Of waves and curls and gold sunlight.

And yet her beauty is not within

what merely the eye can comprehend.

For a truer beauty can none impart,

than the beauty of my daughter's heart.

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Author's Note: This is a peom obviously written about my daughter. But it could speak to anyone who possesses beauty, both inside and out. This peom is my way of ostracizing the old adage "beauty is only skin deep." Some people actually have both kinds all wrapped into one amazing package.



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alahiker28 profile image

alahiker28 6 years ago from the Deep South Author

Thanks, epigramman!

epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

You have given both 'beauty' and 'love' a poetic dignified home - and it's a literary door that I hope to be knocking on for some time to come!

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