I packed my bags in the night time.

Just the things I really need.

I won’t need much were I’m going

I have never had much that I need.

I pass by my car in the darkness; my key chain lies on the floor.

I’m filled with a sense of longing to snatch them and head for the door.

I will run back into our bedroom; throw all my bags to the ground.

But what I want will never happen.

You have never really wanted me around.

I have always been a space holder.

The ship you never cared if sailed.

I have always been the one longing, reaching out to be held.

So as I disappear into the night time

My boots scrap rocks on the floor

I understand what alone is.

And I don’t want to be alone anymore.


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Doug Turner Jr. 5 years ago

Running away, huh? intriguing.

JLClose profile image

JLClose 5 years ago from OreGONE

You look so happy in your profile pic, I hate to think this is autobiographical! :0)

Another great one.

arb 5 years ago

Hi Sarah! Haven't seen you in a while. I really love this poem. Alone may be the most desolate place on earth, but, we visit there from time to time. Life has a way of taking us from place to place. Some of them are nicer than others. Be well my friend.

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 5 years ago from California Author

Doug Turner Jr: hahaha nope not this week, just a thought… :) thanks for reading!

JLClose: Most of the stuff I post is how I feel, but I also am happy. If I listen to a song or see a deep emo movie I get in the mood to write things like alone... What can I say I’m weird and eccentric ha-ha. Thanks for reading :):):)

Arb: I love what you said about how we visit being alone from time to time, it’s so true, and yes some places are nicer than others For sure! Thanks so much for your support :)

epigramman profile image

epigramman 4 years ago

....great to have seen Doug Turner Jr. here - he's a great writer and a real gentleman - and yes you are a deep thoughtful soulful writer who can tell a great story through poetic narrative and with a few well chosen words - artfully done - and please take special note with my other comment to you tonight ..... lake erie time 9:55pm

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 4 years ago from California Author

Hello epigramman, yes I always love it when you and Doug Turner Jr. stop by! Thank you so much you’re reading, it always means so much :)

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Fantastic hub, Sarah! Voted UP and all the buttons. And would have gladly pushed buttons for: AMAZING; LOVELY; MAGNETIC if they had them. LOVE your writing style. Very touching. I couldnt find a CONTACT button to reach you on your profile, so may I leave My Personal Note of Thanks to YOU for Following me here? Thanks. Please read and Sarah, keep up the great work.

Dear Sarah, (my New Creative Hub Writer FRIEND),

I wanted to send you a Special Hello, and to tell you that I am Very Glad that you are in my world. I hope that when you read my hubs, that boredom will not overtake you. And please, write me anytime that you want to. I always love to hear what my Valued-Followers are up to and what they are doing.

You are an amazing. Talented writer. And I'm positive that your writings will touch many lives as they have mine.

Please accept My Note of Thanks . . .a SINCERE THANK YOU for following me. I TRULY VALUE my followers and I shall NOT take YOUR Warm Gesture for granted. Hopefully, my hubs will be educational, entertaining, and hopefully, interesting. But I promise you that my hubs will NOT be negative, abusive, or demeaning to anyone.

If at any time my hubs offend or upset you, simply tell ME FIRST, and I will rectify the situation pronto.


Sincerely, Kenneth

Your Friend for Life

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 4 years ago from California Author

Hello Kenneth, Thank you so much it’s nice to hear that people are taking something away from my writing, that’s a very special thing :) I am really looking forward to reading some more of your hubs; the ones I have read always make me laugh! Look forward to hubbing with you - Sarah

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