Bubblews Has Burst and Persona Paper Fails

Here's why the business models used by many writing sites lead to failure.
This article was updated in July 2016 to reflect the latest news.

Bubblews has been a site that attracted people who wanted to write about anything with a minimum of 400 characters. It was founded by Arvind Dixit as a blogging site that paid a penny for each view.

Despite the fact that many of us kept reporting spammers, they continued to favor the people who couldn’t write a complete English sentence. This attracted a lot of spammers who gamed the system.

Other problems kept cropping up, such as server outages and system crashes, not to mention poor programming of the platform.

When things went wrong, they made quick, untested, fixes that added more bugs to the system. For example, in July of 2014 they upgraded the system without ever testing it. All of a sudden anyone who had more than one image in a post had lost all the text after the second image.

Many of us frantically edited our posts to put back the lost text before Google would drop our indexes due to empty pages. What did Bubblews do? They decided to remove the ability to edit and fix old posts, claiming that the people who were diligent at maintaining damaged posts were spamming the system by editing.

Bubblews is Gone!

In November 2015 Bubblews shut down without warning, but not before they changed their policy that gives them full rights to anything posted on their site and can use it as they see fit.

The pending demise of Bubblews became clear way back on December 18th, 2014 when Arvind Dixit posted “Bubblews has distributed over $1 million to date, considerably more than our revenues.” This clearly meant that they were out of money.

I am one of many who decided to stop wasting time on Bubblews. Shortly after they announced that they are reneging on paying redemptions made prior to November 2014, I deleted all my articles.

I am saving them for future use somewhere else. I may combine them to make future hubs here on HubPages. That’s a decision for another day.

I'm glad I deleted my posts when I did. Shortly before Bubblews shut down, they changed their policy stating that anything posted on their site is their property and they retain the rights to use as they see fit. Basically, they stole your work.

It was obvious that they never had a clear business plan and they were just winging it as they were going. As a businessperson myself, I could see right through that.

I have a management background and I had coordinated programmers in two large nationwide corporations. I would never have allowed implementing programming changes without testing. Yet, I saw that happened time and again with Bubblews.

Every time they tried to fix one thing, they kept breaking something else. I remember when they created a bug that lost half the text and all images after the first. Then they removed the editing feature so no one could fix these errors in their posts. They never fixed that! It was left that way. I would never keep programmers on staff that messed up as they had.

Good programmers test their code thoroughly. And managers check to be sure it’s working. Professionals don’t write code without a well thought-out plan. I didn't expect Bubblews to survive.

I’d rather write on a site that functions on a professional level. It’s hard to find anything else that matches the integrity and professionalism of HubPages.

A Payment Structure That Can’t Endure

I see all the new sites using the same payment structure. Why they all chose to use the same procedure I do not know. But I find it interesting that this seems to be becoming a trend.

Bubblews and Persona Paper had a payment model whereby they committed to paying earnings before they even know what amounts they will be collecting. They created their own algorithms whereby they pay per view, per comment, or other user actions.

I think this is a business model destined for failure. And in the case of Bubblews, it attracted fraud. I can’t forget how Arvind Dixit, CEO of Bubblews, stated that due to a “ridiculous amount of fraud” they would not pay those of us who followed all the rules.

In addition, Bubblews discovered that certain countries did not bring in any revenue. But they committed to paying funds anyway, which put them in a bad position with the Better Business Office.

After I, and many others, had registered complaints with the BBB, they asked Bubblews to explain why their failure to honor redemptions owed to users is not applied to just those users who acted in a fraudulent manner.

Bubblews has failed to respond to the BBB. Here is an alert on the BBB website when you search for Bubblews.

Better Business Office Warning About Bubblews
Better Business Office Warning About Bubblews | Source

On 03/26/2015 Bubblews accreditation was revoked by BBB's Board of Directors due to failure to eliminate the cause of complaints.{1}

Bubblews Stole Our Rights

Many things Bubblews had done were fraudulent and listed with the Better Business Office.
Many things Bubblews had done were fraudulent and listed with the Better Business Office.

If you deleted your posts before the policy change, as I had done, then you still have rights to your work in my opinion, since you posted in good faith under the preexisting terms of service.

Many things they have done were fraudulent and many of us have records on file with the Better Business Office about the fraud and payments still due to us. So I doubt he can even sue for rights anyway.

Persona Paper

Failed From the Start

Several red flags about Persona Paper began to unfold.
Several red flags about Persona Paper began to unfold. | Source

Persona Paper is a writing platform that is oriented around writing short pieces. Their mission is to provide a platform for sharing thoughts, experiences and knowledge.

The problem I see developing is that many people write about their daily lives. I see posts such as one person who writes about waking up, having breakfast and walking the dog. What’s the point of sharing that? I’m surprised to see people following her. But Google finds no use for that and it hurts the ranking of the entire site.

When I first discovered Persona Paper I considered it a site that works well in conjunction with HubPages since authors can use both: HubPages for more involved articles created with research and Persona Paper for short posts when one simply has information to share that doesn’t require much background.

Persona Paper was started on March 1, 2014 as a Sole Proprietorship by Ashley (&Ashley). But after receiving a promotion that involved a lot of traveling, his close friends Heather (&MaeLou) and her husband Will (&elitecodex) took over the management of the business.

They had a difficult start and did something to have their AdSense account canceled soon after they began. This doomed them from the start.

As an alternative they began using other ad agencies, some of which posted ads that caused people to click on dangerous links. Some ads even used malicious JavaScript redirects taking advantage of browser exploits that automatically redirected visitors elsewhere.

This only affected mobile users, but when I reported it, management said they didn’t have the resources to buy an Apple iPad to check on this.

This was one of several red flags about Persona Paper that began to unfold.

Payment Based on Ad Revenue Exchange Rate

They pay in virtual coins that are presently worth $0.0015 per coin. The value of the coins is based on an exchange rate that is adjusted in relation to the ad revenue.

The plan was that users can either cash out once they reach $20 worth of coins, or they can leave it in their virtual bank and let it grow.

Two coins are earned for each unique view and one coin for each comment we write on other people’s posts. Nothing is earned for likes or comments received from others. I find this to be a unique concept that is designed to avoid hackers and spammers from gaming the system.

Persona Paper was plagued with spam.
Persona Paper was plagued with spam. | Source

One can appreciate the value behind this concept. I don’t think Persona Paper will ever be plagued with spam or with fraudulent activity because of these decisions.

The beauty behind the fact that we get paid for commenting is that it motivates people to engage with the author of articles. Comments need to be well written with at least 30 characters, not just “Nice Post,” which is unacceptable.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Plagiarism is not tolerated and is closely monitored. Accounts are deleted if duplicate content is found.

They also carefully enforce the proper crediting of images used from other sites. When posting, one needs to complete an "image credit" section. Even our own images need to be credited - to ourselves.

History of Persona Paper As They Headed to Their Demise

Persona Paper is run as a Sole Proprietorship by a married couple in Florida. Heather (&MaeLou) and her husband Will ( &elitecodex) began the website on March 1, 2014.

I'm noticing that Persona Paper is not careful with programming. Will is a programmer and he seems to be the only one maintaining the site. He doesn’t have the means to fully test his programming.

I’ve reported to Will a number of problems. The worst is malicious code used by one if their ad agencies that redirects readers with Apple mobile devices away from the site to force mobile reader to see their product, like it or not. They use a known browser exploit that is in Apple mobile devices.

Will’s answer about the malicious code is that the particular ad agency doing that happens to pay the most ad revenue and they need to keep it. I consider this a poor business decision. One has to wonder why Google banned Persona Paper’s AdSense account in the first place, which is why they need to use all these other ad agencies.

I later discovered, from a poll I ran, that the malicious code only affects people with Apple mobile devices. I never run into it on my desktop. But both Will and Heather say they don’t have an iPad, or any Apple product, to test this. That’s their excuse for not fixing it.

I guess they are also clueless because they see that most people who responded to my poll don’t have a problem. But they miss the point that my poll was directed towards other authors. Authors tend to write on a desktop or laptop, not on a mobile device. Do you agree with me?

As of August 2015 the only people running the site as a family business were nowhere to be found.
As of August 2015 the only people running the site as a family business were nowhere to be found. | Source

I expected Persona Paper would continue on a path of growth as a wonderful place to write.

But with little attention to solving problems with malicious ad agencies and the fact that they have no money to run the site professionally, I have changed my mind.

My conclusion became clear in August of 2015 when both Heather and Will, the only people running the site as a family business, were nowhere to be found.

Many users posted articles about their failure to get a response from wither of them.

Persona Paper As of September 2015

Finally on September 5th, 2015, Heather posted a message stating that they both became very busy with their personal lives as an excuse for not being around.

She basically was saying that they had no time for the site, as I infer from her statement.

Then Will also left a comment saying they are discussing their options about how they will be moving forward.

It was at that time that I knew they wouldn't be around much longer and I stopped writing there.

On September 7th Will (&elitecodex) posted a detailed explanation of the present state of affairs with Persona Paper. Both he and his wife Heather (&MaeLou) have full time jobs and don’t have the time to commit to Persona Paper. Will also explained that they gave out more coins than they have the money to pay out. This sounds familiar to me. The same thing happened with Bubblews and we all know how they handled it.

It’s not a good business plan to commit to paying revenue BEFORE the actual residuals come in from the ad agencies. I just don’t understand why we are seeing more sites doing this after Bubblews proved the method fails.

Anyway, Will went on to explain that they are closing the gap and hope to accumulate enough payments from ad agencies in order to pay out what they promised. I guess time will tell, but I’m not one to trust the outcome and I don’t feel inclined to put effort towards writing on such a platform.

Will also explained “we aren't throwing in the towel just yet.” Even though they both have no time for this, he and Heather discussed the future direction of the site and came up with two choices:

  1. Pay out the money now to whom they can and shutdown the site. Or…
  2. Ask for volunteers to assist with day-to-day operations of the site such as help moderate spam and check articles for plagiarism.

I personally didn't like where this was going. Just ask yourself, would you trust spending your time writing and posting on a site run by two people who don’t even provide their last names and who don’t have the revenue to pay the bills?

Persona Paper As of February 2016

Persona Paper announced that they are shutting down just as I predicted. It was so obvious with two people admitting that they were too busy to run the business. They never followed up to fix bugs. They warned everyone five months earlier that they ran out of money. It was only a meter of time.

Unlike Bubblews, they at least had the courtesy to leave the site online for a short while so that people can copy and save their articles. I write all my content off line so I already have everything saved. But I did log into the site and delete what I had left, just to be sure the search engine indexes would be dropped as soon as possible. I might reuse them in the future somewhere else if I chose.

Lessons Learned

When a writing site displays problems right from the start, it's important to consider that when deciding to spent time writing for that platform.

It's also important to observe how strongly the team on writer's site is willing to keep up with the latest trends with search engines and the Internet in general.

Notice how HubPages is constantly revising their methods to match the requirements of Google and other search engines. That is what's so important in order to remain profitable for both the writers and the owners of the business.

Final Thoughts - A Review

Persona Paper uses a business model where they pay based on user activity. Since they don't pay based on actual earnings, they need to be very careful.

They recently needed to only allow new members from the USA, Canada, and Great Britain. Countries that don't offer decent ad revenue can kill their business model.

HubPages pays according to actual earnings, so they never will get into that kind of trouble.

Bubblews also paid by activity instead of relating payments to actual earnings. And now they have fraud listings with the Better Business Office.

I see a growing trend for this type of payment structure with new platforms. I don't think that business model will survive.

Serious writing as a business requires good metrics. The best metrics is what Google provides in their Analytics. But few sites provide the ability to attach our Google Analytics to our articles as HubPages does.

With my Analytics reports I can see precise view counts in addition to how long readers stay on any particular page. I can even follow their flow as they read other articles. I can't do serious writing on any site that does not provide that kind of interface with Google.

Any site that does not provide metrics will never get very far because they will never attract serious writers that enhance the site’s SEO ranking. I clearly see that. One all these sites I just spoke about, I get a quick activity on new posts from other members, but then nothing from organic traffic as each post dies.

On HubPages I see ongoing traffic from search results long after I publish. That is a real business.

© 2015 Glenn Stok

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QuoteAmber profile image

QuoteAmber 2 years ago from Earth

I jumped ship on Bubblews too. That site just went from bad to worse rather quickly. But I didn't know they'd gotten even worse since I left.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

QuoteAmber - It got worse then Arvind admitted he ran out of money. That's when a lot of people started leaving. But I, for one, was still thinking I'd get my last redemption since I always was paid on time before, and I always followed all the rules. It was the final blow when they announced that they are not going to pay those who followed all the rules just because the fraudulent people helped us. How can one explain that? Really!

easylearningweb profile image

easylearningweb 2 years ago

Glenn, This is a good wakeup call hub. I'm not sure why I tried Bubblews which was pretty much a waste for me. I realized right away that the writers were poor but because someone on Hubpages recommended it and said she earned $500 in one day I was curious. I believe the person exaggerated.

I only wrote about 7 Bubblew articles and quickly discovered it was not for me. I am planning on removing my Bubblews content. Its not for serious wtiters.

I am moving on to bigger and brighter writing pastures. Last year I joined an Aspiring Writers group on Linkedin which offered monthly writing contests. I won 1st place and also 2nd place and my short stories wiil be published in an anthology book this year. I'm very excited.

I think we have to look outside the bubble and even outside of hubpages if we want to be serious writers.

BTW, I agree that hubpages is a good forum to practice writing. I am almost finished my 30 hubs in 30 days challenge!

Good luck to you and Happy New year. :-)

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

easylearningweb - you definitely should be excited about your accomplishments, and proud of them too. I can see that you are very active as a writer and you are selecting good venues. You were smart to realize quickly how unprofessional Bubblews was. As an IT systems analyst, I noticed the poor programming and total lack of testing that caused many of the problems they had with the platform. I should have stopped earlier too. I give you credit for making a decision to move on quickly.

easylearningweb profile image

easylearningweb 2 years ago

Thanks, Glenn. I have an IT background too and found the same issues. And after I saw some of the writing, I became hesitant to include it as part of my writing sampling. It's just not professional. Hubpages has a much better reputation. ;-)

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

easylearningweb - You and I think alike. LOL. I also decided not to include a link to my Bubblews profile from my Google+ due to the other low quality posts with poor English, etc. I didn't want Google to lower my ranking because of that.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 2 years ago from Houston, Texas

I wrote on Bubblews for approximately 1 1/2 years and never had a problem until they made that change affecting images...lost text, etc. Not being able to edit was frustrating. I always abided by the rules and losing payments due me is the last straw.

I have joined PersonaPaper and tsu recently and will always keep my eyes and ears open as to alternative writing sites. HubPages was my first writing site and I will forever be grateful for what I have learned here. I have also enjoyed getting to know many of the wonderful writers on this site from long term interaction.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

Peggy W - Bubblews has always been known to do the wring thing. When they had that bug that lost the text I added it back from my backups. But then they removed the ability to edit because too many of us were editing to correct the mess from their bug. Instead of letting all the rest of you fix all the posts, they just blocked you form it and never brought the edit function back.

MelanieMurphyMyer profile image

MelanieMurphyMyer 2 years ago

Hi Glenn. Bubblews is retaining a great many people who write well. In fact, the percentage of quality writing on the site has increased over the last few weeks. We're losing a lot of people who were just trying to game the system, because it's much harder to do that now. I understand your frustrations though. Good luck with your other sites. ~ Melanie

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

MelanieMurphyMyer - That may be so, but they are also losing a lot of good writers who realize it's not a professionally run venue. And they are also losing the honest writers who did NOT game the system, but whom Arvind decided not to pay because he ran out of money, as he mentioned in his post. I'm one of them. I followed all the rules. I always got paid within one week. Then suddenly my last redemption of a larger amount was canceled. All I can say is, be careful and keep your eyes open if you want to continue there.

MelanieMurphyMyer profile image

MelanieMurphyMyer 2 years ago

Right. There were a lot of professional writers who mistakenly thought it was designed to be a freelance or article-writing site, rather than a form of social media. Also, those of us who read the TOS and took them seriously knew from the start that there was no guarantee of receiving money consistently (or at all) and that it was all a gamble in that respect. I feel bad for those who didn't know this and thus were not prepared, but that part really isn't Bubblews fault, at least not entirely.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

MelanieMurphyMyer - Well, if you read the last few posts from Arvind, he actually admitted they lost track of their finances and paid more than they had. So based on that admission, I do blame Bubblews since that is not the way to conduct a real business. But then again, we have to question if that was a lie just to have an excuse for not paying those of us who followed the rules.

MelanieMurphyMyer profile image

MelanieMurphyMyer 2 years ago

What I said in my comment was: "that part really isn't Bubblews fault, at least not entirely" - the part where some people were blindsided and outraged because they hadn't read and/or comprehended the TOS. Bubblews could conceivably have pounded the TOS into people's heads on a daily basis and that may have helped, but I still hold that everyone is responsible for their own actions - including people who used a site, accepted money, and didn't pay much attention to the TOS. The real issue here is personal responsibility.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

MelanieMurphyMyer - This is true. People get themselves into trouble by not being diligent with following up on rules.

BarbRad profile image

BarbRad 2 years ago from Templeton, CA

I want to validate all Glenn has said here. I was an enthusiastic supporter of Bubblews from when I joined in February, 2013 until the horrid update in July. At the end of July I discovered Persona Paper, and knew I'd come home. In response to MelanieMurphyMyer, I would say I knew from the beginning that Bubblews was a social blogging site and wrote a post there to that effect and also stated that in the article I wrote here. I have since edited my hub to reflect the latest changes and would no longer recommend the site to anyone not already there.

I always hated their clunky editor that wouldn't even let us use italics when discussing books. They talked about the awesome changes to the format that would come in July. I hoped for a decent text editor. Instead, as Glenn stated, they mutilated most of my best posts, which were photo essays. Now they are promising more awesome changes. I'm not excited.

I decided to stop writing in mid-December before all the announcements were made. I did not delete my account yet because I don't want to hurt the earnings of my friends still there. I was fortunate that I had already been paid all my redemptions. The last one hit PayPal November 15. I'm quite sure I'll never get the $19 that remains in my bank there.

Persona Paper has a great text editor, the ability to post multiple images, and an administration that is financially responsible, keeps its word, and keeps in touch with members. It is all I had hoped Bubblews would be and wasn't. I write on Bubblews as BarbRad, the same name I use here. If you decide to join Glenn, me and other Hubbers who are there, look me up. Persona Paper is a happy place and a welcoming community.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

BarbRad - I appreciate tremendously your validation of what I said here. I know there are still many people writing on Bubblews dispite the fact that Arvind posted a statement that they ran out of money. Of cause we can't really believe that either, since most of their promises never came to be. The "magical" upgrade, as they called it, in July, turned out to mutulate our old posts, as you also noticed. Then they took away the edit feature so we couldn't fix them. Then they canceled pending payments after promising to pay if we just waited 60 to 90 days. Now Arvind is saying 2015 will bring betters things. It's a personal choice to keep believing unfulfilled promises?

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 2 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Valuable information here to assist those who are still on the fence about B. I signed up but never wrote the first article after reading a selection of existing ones. It seemed too good to be true and you know what that means.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 2 years ago from New York City

Hey Glen I'm on PersonaPaper and been there from the start as I was invited by a good friend from Hubpages. I like your way of putting all the details together about the rise and fall of some online writing empires. Bubblews is still a place I write for. I believe Arvind won't quit even if he was the only person on earth left to post there. Maybe some day it will become a personal blog.

Heck some bloggers can out due entire networking communities all on their own today. So I would never count out such a possibility. Anyhow awesome write up bro. I haven't been on Hubpages in quite some time but I had to return to comment here after reading your awesome most relevant article here. I hope it scores a Billion views so maybe the Hubpages web traffic could pick up and help us all. I believe that's how these places survive. Just a bunch of amazing authors pulling the weight for us all perhaps!!! Bravo 5 thumbs up!!

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

PegCole17 - I also felt it was too good to be true at the beginning. And when it became clear that they were just kids who didn't know how to follow up with finances or with system problems, I had a feeling it was just a matter of time.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 2 years ago from Long Island, NY Author

CloudExplorer - Hi Mike. We've been following each other on Tsū too, although I'm not doing much there except letting the pennies add up from my downline's activity. I just looked you up and followed you on PersonaPaper. Good to know you're there too.

I always wanted to have a place to write short articles, as HubPages is my home for longer more involved topics. Since Bubblews failed in every way, including from an SEO standpoint, I am hoping for continued growth with PersonaPaper for those short articles. Thanks for your kind words.

DzyMsLizzy profile image

DzyMsLizzy 23 months ago from Oakley, CA

Indeed! I tried Bubblews for a short while, but I came in just before things went badly south. I did manage to reach a single payout, but even though I applied prior to the Nov. 11th "no payments" cutoff date, it was still a greatly reduced amount from what I had "earned," since they applied the new rate policy retroactively.

I've written one or two things since, but sporadically, and I'm not hearing anything good, so I'm fixing to also remove all of my articles and leave the site as well, abandoning any efforts to make another $30 to make it to a second payment, which I have little faith of seeing in any case.

Voted up, interesting and useful.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 23 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

DzyMsLizzy - You're lucky you at least got some part of that last payment. My redemption fell into the time zone where they admitted they ran out of money and canceled pending payments to those who followed all the rules. I'm amazed that after that people are still writing on the site. I reported it to the BBB and others did too. Now the is a negative report on them posted on the BBB's website. Thanks for the vote up. Good to see you here.

DzyMsLizzy profile image

DzyMsLizzy 23 months ago from Oakley, CA

Yes--with nearly 300 bubbles, it's going to take me a while to get it all deleted! That's yet another of their annoyances; no way to bulk delete a selection, but must be done one by one by one, with each deletion going through a process of asking you to confirm, then confirming, then returning you to the main feed page instead of your own home page to continue what you were doing! That's a lag of about 15 seconds per article and 4 mouse clicks each! So, nearly 2 hours to accomplish deleting all 300 bubbles! Not something I care to sit and do all at one fell swoop!

But--I changed my profile to a complaint/explanation as to why I'm leaving, and wrote a negative farewell post, so maybe they'll delete my whole account for me, and I won't have to worry about it. LOL

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 23 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

DzyMsLizzy - I deleted all my posts when they canceled payments. I was able to do it fast by doing it in two browser tabs. Keep your profile page on one tab and right-click each post to open in another tab. Then delete it there and close that tab. You'll still have your profile page with your list of posts in the first tab, so you can quickly go on to delete the next one without navigating back again.

B. Leekley profile image

B. Leekley 22 months ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

I have been writing and commenting on Persona Paper, too, and have also been favorably impressed so far. I am disappointed that they now allow new members only from the USA, Canada, and Great Britain on the basis of statistics on PP's sources of ad revenue. One of the features I have liked about PP has been the opportunity to read about the lives of people in many different countries, and losing that is a let-down.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 22 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

B. Leekley - Yes, I understand how you feel. But since they pay based on user activity rather than actual earnings, they need to filter by country. Those countries that don't offer decent ad revenue can kill their business model.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 22 months ago from Dallas, Texas

I was wondering how you felt about Persona Paper after their recent announcement about non payments to certain countries. This sounded really familiar to the B when they discovered their business model wasn't working. I've enjoyed the few views I had on my articles but the traffic just isn't there.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 22 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

Peg, The traffic isn't there with Persona Paper because of the business model. The platform does not attract much organic traffic. I think it is mainly due to the type of content. There is too much nonsense such as how people spend their day. This does not offer anything worthwhile.

As for the change with not accepting certain countries, it's due to the method of payment (same as Bubblews) which is not a type of payment structure that can survive. They make no money from those countries. So how can they pay out what they don't receive? Notice that HubPages applies payments only when they know they are receiving the residuals. That is the only smart way and it works.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 18 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

I made major changes to this hub to reflect the latest developments with Persona Paper.

BarbRad profile image

BarbRad 18 months ago from Templeton, CA

I'm sad that Persona Paper is headed in the wrong direction. At least all my posts are backed up. I think the only direction right now is hosting one's own writing sites instead of providing content to other sites. I'd better go check MaeLou's post.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 18 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

BarbRad - Those short posts don't really attract much organic traffic anyway. I don't think posting on one's own site would help. I was thinking of posting my shorties on my site, but ruled it out. I'm leaving my own site as a list of all my hubs categorized by topic. Of course we have HubPages for our fully detailed articles and they are always working hard at maintaining the business.

BarbRad profile image

BarbRad 18 months ago from Templeton, CA

Most of what I put on my own sites aren't short posts. My daily blogs are often under 200 words, but many are over 500 words. My other site articles and blogs normally are close to or over 1000 words. I agree that short "what I did today posts" probably won't earn much anywhere.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 17 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

Update about direction of Persona Paper added September 7th to end of this hub.

suraj punjabi profile image

suraj punjabi 16 months ago from jakarta

I am one of the many that was disappointed by Bubblews unprofessional behavior. I posted great articles, followed the rules and had my payment reneged. It is really not fair, and I have not posted on Bubblews again since then. This is like the writing site ponzie scheme. Except in this case the person carrying out the Ponzi scheme also looses since they are at a lost due to lack of business planning and management. Things which are too good to be true usually are.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 16 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

suraj punjabi - You did the right thing stopping to write on Bubblews. They were just taking advantage of people who would rather just write without compensation. It's amazing that there are still people posting there now, with little chance of reward.

Victoria Lynn profile image

Victoria Lynn 15 months ago from Arkansas, USA

I didn't know they had totally shut down. I was $4 away from redemption and kept thinking I might go back and try to get there--but they had made it too difficult. I wish I had taken down some of my articles, but most of them weren't awesome. Still, some of them I liked and would like to have them. Are they just lost? Will we see our work over there show up somewhere? I feel bad for the people who really put hours and hours into the site.

Glenn Stok profile image

Glenn Stok 15 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

Victoria Lynn - Unfortunately anyone who left their posts on Bubblews before shutdown no longer own the rights. Shortly before the end they changed their policy giving them full rights to all posts. Anyone who left old posts, or posted new ones, would have shown agreement to the changed policy. I deleted everything a year ago when Arvind admitted they didn't have enough money to pay out. Sorry to hear you missed out on your last redemption.

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Kristen Howe 15 months ago from Northeast Ohio

Glen, I'm glad I didn't go to Bubblews after hearing mixed reviews here throughout the year. The same goes for Persona Paper too. I'm okay here at HP. I've been a member of Mylot for two months and seen two Hubbers over there as well from time to time. Thanks for sharing this hub!

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Glenn Stok 15 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

Kristen Howe - I think you made the right choice sticking with HubPages.

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BarbRad 15 months ago from Templeton, CA

Glen, I never saw that, since I wasn't there much during the end. How can they just put up a few words and take away our rights to reuse our articles elsewhere? Don't we have copyright as soon as we post it? This is sickening. I knew they were crooked, but this is a bit too much.

If we republish before they do, wouldn't they have a problem proving their rights? Many of my photos have already been published online elsewhere before they were published on Bubblews

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Glenn Stok 15 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

BarbRad - Your questions are of a legal nature and I'm not an attorney Barb. But I can only repeat what a lawyer told me. He said if we continue to post new content after they changed the rules then we are showing agreement to those changes and have given away our rights. I removed all of my articles when they reneged on making payments last year.

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AudreyHowitt 14 months ago from California

Good to know--I haven't checked into PP in a while. But it has always ad disappointing numbers to me--traffic is bad and the ads --good to be here though

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Glenn Stok 14 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

AudreyHowitt - Me too. I rarely check PP since every time I look I see zero Google traffic. Everyone who still writes there struggles to squeeze pennies out of daily posts that only earn a fraction of a penny and then die. The problem is that PP allows silly posts that Google never sends traffic to, such as what one is doing each day. This information may be interesting for a personal friend, but it's not useful to the general public. So the entire site is hurt by it.

I see that Persona Paper's mom and pop management seem to have given up on the site since they already announced that they decided to put more attention to their own family lives. And they hadn't been seen for a few months now. They just let the site exist by itself with no interaction. That won't last long.

WannaB Writer profile image

WannaB Writer 14 months ago from Templeton, CA

I'm not making much here anymore either. I hope others are doing much better. I'm seriously thinking of taking my work elsewhere. Others have had better earnings on sites they host themselves after moving their hub to those sites.

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Glenn Stok 14 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

WannaB Writer - I actually checked the view counts on other people's posts on Persona Paper and I see that no one is doing well at all. Each post gets just a few views, and then it stops. You can't even compare to HubPages where traffic keeps coming long after being published. People on PP seem to be happy with struggling to squeeze pennies daily rather than creating a passive income stream that builds on itself.

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yecall 12 months ago from California

Thank you for your article. I was lucky that I got paid at Bubblews. I did not delete my posts though which was stupid and the site has entirely vanished. Ah, well. Lesson learned, keep on top of things. You never know what site is a fly by night.

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Glenn Stok 12 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

yecall - Going forward, write all your content off line so you save it on your hard drive. That way you'll never lose your articles if a site disappears. At least you got paid. I fell into the black hole a year earlier when Arvind ran out of money and refused to pay anyone who had money pending to be paid at that time. That's when I knew Bubblews would be gone some day. It lasted another year just because people kept writing anyway.

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moonlake 12 months ago from America

I saved what I wanted from Bubblews before they went down. I had some money owed. I think they owed me $26.00. I stopped going there when I knew things were getting bad just from what other people were saying.

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Glenn Stok 12 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

moonlake - I was owed twice that over a year ago when they announced they were not paying pending debts and started over with zero in our bank. That's when I stopped.

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jlherrera 2 months ago from Los Angeles

Persona Paper is still up and the bank amount is still around. Did they reactive?

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Glenn Stok 2 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

jlherrera - I have not logged on to PersonaPaper for a long time, but I just checked it out today because of your question.

Many months ago they announced they will be shutting down and the bank page had a statement that they discontinued the payout program. This meant that people could still post, but they would not be paid for their content.

In July 2016 it was announced that MegL will take over responsibility for maintaining and keeping the business running, but she herself never posted anything confirming that. As of today I see her last post was October of 2015 (over a year ago). I don't think she has the wherewithal to take it on, especially with the way she was talking a year ago about family problems getting in the way of running Persona Paper. And let's not forget that they lost their Adsense Account.

Today, when I logged in, I see they reinstated the bank and I actually have some some money in it. But I don't find any posts from management about any plans. I just see some speculation from other authors, same as you.

I checked their domain registration, and I see it expires on 2017-03-01, so they never renewed that yet and time is running out.

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RoadMonkey 2 months ago

MegL has taken on PersonaPaper. Why would anyone need to renew the domain name 4 months ahead of time? I have seen a post from her in the last few weeks. I haven't seen a management post but there is a Facebook group.

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Glenn Stok 2 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

RoadMonkey - Yes, I found that she commented on someone else's post. But she never posted anything herself so most people won't even know she is alive. If she is active on Facebook, that doesn't help much when people are looking for activity on Personal Paper itself.

As for the domain, webmasters usually prepay for many years in advance. They don't let it run close to the expiration date because Google takes that Into account for ranking the site. Look at HubPages for example, their domain is paid up until 2020-04-28.

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Glenn Stok 2 months ago from Long Island, NY Author

RoadMonkey - I saw that MegL posted a couple of articles, but nothing about her future plans with PersonaPaper on the front page where system status information goes.

However, I did find a comment she made in someone else's article saying that she is taking over, that they will not be paying out just yet, and that she may have her daughter try to figure out how to post to the front page.

I checked the "whois" info on the domain and I see it was transferred on 2016-08-31 but she now needs to renew the domain registration before it expires March 1st.

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