Another river of tears

I'm tired.Tired of being the ugly friend, the fat friend. I'm tired of being scared. Scared to be alone with myself because I'm scared of what I'll do. I'm tired of not being able to look in the mirror without you because i am absolutely disgusted with my appearance. I'm tired of being alone.

Having shitty friends who don't care of me. I'm tired of pushing all my feelings deep down because i know nobody will understand me without you. I'm tired of pretending I'm happy, but completely breaking down when i am alone.

I know nothing will ever change because I'm too timid to even try to change it. I'm tired of everything. I'm tired of my life and the mistakes I've made.I AM TIRED,JUST TIRED.

Come to change my life motti.....

Now prick becomes to rage,

Reverie beyond control,

I have not eaten yet,

Stomach become sunburnt....

The pain is eating away,

My heart is burning,

Bloods are evaporating,

I am becoming more slim....

Tears are dropping,

Eyes burning,

You leave me,

And i have now nothing.....

Trying to talk,

Trying to cry,

Wishing you come,

and wipe the tears of mine....

Look another river of tears

is coming,

Before it flows down,

come stop it again,

See i cry a river of tears

once again....................

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mottiandbander profile image

mottiandbander 5 years ago from Chd Author

I miss you every time...Come once again still me crying.

poshcoffeeco profile image

poshcoffeeco 5 years ago from Cambridgeshire

You have a unique way with words....very engaging Motti.

mottiandbander profile image

mottiandbander 5 years ago from Chd Author

I am not a professional writer but these all for my love i do a lot....

Thanks for stopping here and putting a comment @ poshcoffeeco

jasminegeorge profile image

jasminegeorge 5 years ago from Rome

I like this poetry!I hope you get better with time...

mottiandbander profile image

mottiandbander 5 years ago from Chd Author

Thanks @ jasminegeorge ...Thanks for your wish but i don't want better..i only need my motti with me...

Nsirius profile image

Nsirius 5 years ago from Fukuoka, Japan

"Look another river of tears

is coming,"


mottiandbander profile image

mottiandbander 5 years ago from Chd Author

@ Nsirus Thanks a lot for your comment.

Why this happens to us...Why god gave us the pain... I know my motti can't see my tears ..She will come one day and will obvious wipe it....

Susieq42 5 years ago

Voted up and awesome! Beautiful poem showing your raw emotions. Thanks for sharing.

tobusiness profile image

tobusiness 4 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

You have a very unique style, a sad but lovely poem. Thank you for sharing.

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