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The use of 'the' with 'most'.

I know the basic rule for using 'the' with the superlative degree of adjective. However, today, when I was reading an article, I got confused with the following line. Can anyone help me in this regard? This is the exact line: "They're probably the guys you feel for most" Will there be a 'the' before the word 'most'? Kindly also explain the similar rule for the word 'best' when it comes in a running sentence like this.

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Pavlo Badovskyi (Pavlo Badovskyy) says

4 years ago
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Bronterae says

4 years ago
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    Bronterae 4 years ago

    not to confuse you more but I thought of another example: If most is used as the end of the sentence, then you must have the "the". i.e... "He liked her dress the most/the best."

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