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Why are the rules of Haiku not as strictly enforced when written in English?

When written in English, the rules of Haiku generally dictate "17 syllables or less" rather than three lines syllabized 5-7-5. Why is this so and what other rules are relaxed when Haiku is written in English?

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Rayalternately says

7 years ago
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Shelly Bryant says

7 years ago
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Haiku Rules86

Haiku Rules

4 years ago
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haikutec says

6 years ago
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sbeakr says

7 years ago
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    Sheldon Overlock (Wondering SLO) 23 months ago

    I agree, I was always taught the lines not the overall. What do you think about stacking haiku to tell a story, Is it still haiku or a different poem?

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