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Do you prefer reading books in paper or e-reader form, like Kindle or Kobo, and why?

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Helen Murphy Howell (Seeker7) says

4 years ago
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lburmaster says

4 years ago
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jenbeach21 says

4 years ago
  • Janis Goad profile image

    Janis Goad 4 years ago

    It seems lots of people still prefer books on paper. I have been thinking about this, because in my town several of the local used bookstores are closing down due to lost business, especially significant in the last 12 months.

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Mind Warp says

4 years ago

ElleBee says

4 years ago
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ivanmarginal says

4 years ago
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LupitaRonquillo says

4 years ago
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Candra Evans (CandraEvans) says

4 years ago
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Cindy Pierre (angel4967) says

4 years ago
  • huckelbury 4 years ago

    My thanks to all the librarians, custodians of all those marvelous books that have proven to be such good friends over the years.

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John W Townsend (PAPA-BEAR) says

4 years ago

huckelbury says

4 years ago
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Brenda (Trish303) says

4 years ago