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How do you get inspired to write more?

For all you writers and non writers out there, do you have any suggestions for those wanting to get back into their writing, that have maybe put it off a bit? Hubpages is such a wonderful site, and ought to be utilized more in this regard. Any thoughts on writing more, and how you get that done in your own life?

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Beata Stasak says

4 years ago
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ZofiaLotus says

4 years ago
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    Chris Jawalka (ChrisJawalka) 3 years ago

    That's sort of how I do it too.. nice to know I'm not alone or odd for 'whimming' it... :D


VeronicaInspires says

4 years ago
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    Paula (oceansnsunsets) 4 years ago

    That is an excellent reason to write, to help others! Good idea to encourage others to do the same. Curious to know more what you meant about time constraints, but I may have an idea. I am wanting to write more also. Hubpages IS perfect for that.

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