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Do you worry about the quality of your own written English when writing hubs?

I certainly do. I fret if I have got all the grammar etc right. I love writing but find it difficult to assess whether what sounds fine to me is actually right. If you have read any of my work please feel free to include a gramattical/written English mark out of ten and some guidance in your answer here (I will now brace myself!. Also if anyone knows of any good free online resources to improve written English I would be grateful if you can share. I'm now wondering if my English in these additional details is okay? LOL. Many thanks.

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Best Answer Ann Carr (annart) says

3 years ago
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    Ann Carr (annart) 3 years ago

    Victoria Lynn is one hubber who writes about grammar. Can't find the others I was looking for but if you go to 'hubs' and then search 'grammar' you'll find all sorts. Good luck!

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Jim Miller (JimTxMiller) says

3 years ago
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    Ebonny 3 years ago

    Hi Jim - many thanks for your response and suggested courses which I will look into. Writing is a new venture for me. No doubt experience brings confidence. I aim to get there as I'd love to make my living from writing.