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Hi can anyone here tell me of a good honest publisher I can sell my book through

I wrote a book by the name of 'Stepping Stones" by : Abigail J. Chandler I published it via "" September 2013 and I paid $160 USD for marketing on Amazon , Google, Barnes and Nobles etc its almost one year I paid for marketing and twice feedaread paid out and I got NO MONEY. They told me I got no sales and give me a list of ways to Market my book. I cannot understand what was the purpose of me paying that money to market my book for . Honestly I am starting to think differently of them as though I was ripped OFF. Because my book is viral on the net!! & I am not making :(

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M. T. Dremer says

2 years ago
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LadyFiddler says

2 years ago
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    Marisa K. Rouse (Risa Stewart) 2 years ago

    I promote any way I can and have had a lot of problems. No one seems to be interested and it's hard work. Writing can come so easily but a struggle to get the word out. Try to reach the right audience if you can. Good luck!

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Marisa K. Rouse (Risa Stewart) says

2 years ago
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