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How do you feel about Wikinut's decision to forgo payment to writers?

In December, the British-based content writing site sent a letter to its users detailing its lack of income and the decision to suspend payments for articles. While not considered a major site (and wrought with payment problems before this), it is yet another content site on the verge of extinction. What does, Wikinut's policy change and possible demise say about the content writing market?

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LoisRyan13903 says

8 months ago
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    Dean Traylor 8 months ago

    Wikinut was not great about payouts. Although they paid out at a low level ($3 or $4 in U.S. Dollars) it took a long time to get there. Before this change, it took a year to get those payments. Still, this shift is not a good sign for it and others.

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Dean Traylor says

5 months ago
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