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Is the "Creative Writing" topic for short stories or is it really more of a "how to" topic?

There is a Short Story topic, Flash Fiction topic, etc. so I am wondering what types of hubs are best to place under the topic of creative writing, or is it simply a choice. I think any kind of fiction or non-fiction stories could be placed under the Creative Writing topic, but what is best? Or is it best for commercial writing? It seems to be a broad topic, and maybe it is best to narrow down to a specific topic. Thank you for answering

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Jackie Lynnley says

10 months ago
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    Faith Reaper 10 months ago

    Thanks, Jackie, yes, it would cover all forms of creative writing. I see a lot who use Short Stories but it may fall in the topic line behind Creative Writing. That's odd about not being able to put it under another topic.