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If you created a paragraph that had errors, would you delete it, fix it, rewrite it....?

Imagine creating a group of letters that formed a "perfect" paragraph, but when you looked at it for a while, it began to OFFEND you. Now, would you just fix the offensive part, or destroy the whole paragraph, or write a whole new paragraph? You can compare this to a "god" creating a whole group of humans, then when this god found the humans offensive, he destroyed them instead of fixing them. (but it's not necessary to imagine a god - this isn't a religious question!) This is a LOGIC question. No copy/paste answers. The question is - "IF YOU CREATED A PARAGRAPH THAT HAD ERRORS, WOULD YOU ...?

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Best Answer Vladimir Karas (ValKaras) says

6 months ago
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    Austinstar 6 months ago

    Perhaps that is why I don't get it. People who are afraid to live the life they have been give just use god as an excuse. Fear is very paralyzing to most humans.

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Venkatachari M says

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