A Rant At The Bad In The World - An Original Poem by Christopher Dapo

The decrepit, deconstructive decomposing of the entire body of humanity

The entire squire sanctities of solemn soulless souls swimming unsurely, surfacing ever so slightly for breaths of selfish stale air

Trekked twistedly, though trapped against the ever-bashing sea rocks that aren't there

They consign their congested cold coughings culled conveniently to a never known non-living end

The eclectic electric tongue-in-cheek, tit-for-tat turmoil tantrum, tickling for torture, tells all

Total entrail calamities, diseased and disgusting, sleazed and pussing, pupating puppets all pouting

Pretentious in their putrid pulsating pornographic pickles, pleased to be pleasing only themselves

You hue of horrible humans!

Look lively at yourselves for once in a lifetime, limit your asinine astonishment

Add adherence to your already anti-ancestral astral ascertained asses, and, I add, please pay tribute, pose politely, and push forward, now forever finally and like family.

- Christopher Dapo


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Comments 4 comments

erickcb 4 years ago

Nice one man. I like it.

Christopher Dapo profile image

Christopher Dapo 4 years ago from Havelock, NC Author

I appreciate the compliment, erickcb, thank you for commenting, dude.

- Christopher

Dudette 4 years ago

Awesome!! Wow interesting :)

Christopher Dapo profile image

Christopher Dapo 4 years ago from Havelock, NC Author

Thank you for your compliments, Dudette. Sometimes I just have to let it out, it's tough on my end here. Writing is a great way to release some tension; I don't put all I write out here because there is quite a bit that would probably seem offensive in one way or another, but I'm glad I can share ones that walk the line with readers.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

- Christopher

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